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      The Potential Dangers of an Untidy Workplace – What Office Managers Need to Know

      April 27, 2017

      The Potential Dangers of an Untidy Workplace. What Office Managers Need to Know.

      When it comes to maintaining an organised office, tidiness and cleanliness are not simply aesthetic requirements. It’s also a health & safety necessity. 

      For this World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we’ve outlined common office hazards that office managers need to be aware of.


      According to the Health & Safety Authority:

       “Section 19 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 requires that employers and those who control workplaces to any extent must identify the hazards in the workplaces under their control and assess the risks to safety and health at work presented by these hazards.”

      What is classed as a hazard?

      The simple answer is that a hazard is anything that can potentially cause harm within the office.

      And it’s worth considering that it could take years for a particular hazard to materialise. For example, back pain from poor posture at your workstation.

      Common office hazards

      If you were working at height or with moving machinery parts, the hazards in your workplace would be immediately obvious to you.

      However, in an office environment, dangers to your health and wellbeing are not always as apparent. For example, poor maintenance and an untidy office.

      The most common office hazards that office managers face are:


      Office equipment


      Computers and workstations




      Storage and filing hazards




      Kitchen hazards




      How to manage the hazards

      Employers are required by law to manage the hazards presented in the workplace to prevent accidents and ill health of their staff.

      Maintaining a tidy, uncluttered and clean workplace is at the very heart of this responsibility.

      In line with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, employers must:

      As a quick test, ask yourself these 4 questions. Do you have?

      1. A safe place of work?
      2. A safe system of work?
      3. Safe equipment?
      4. Safety competent staff?

      If you answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions, then it is very likely you are not complying with Health & Safety legislation.

      You need to go through the process of identifying the hazards, carrying out risk assessments and preparing the Safety Statement.

      Then communicate that to all members of the company and ensure their compliance.

      To maintain a clean and hygienic working environment invest in a professional office cleaning service.

      Trained cleaning operatives will remove the issue of uncertain or dubious cleaning practices from colleagues.

      This will help reduce the spread of bacteria around the office.

      Commercial cleaning contractors carry out:

      Who can you contact for professional office cleaning?

      Swift Office Cleaning Services are experts in office cleaning.

      Our growing list of happy clients is testament to the quality services we provide and our excellent customer care.

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