Our Policies

As a leading supplier of daily office contract cleaning services we are committed to constant improvement to our Quality Management system and to deliver outstanding office cleaning services to our clients with our objective in achieving maximum customer retention and attracting new business.

Our aim:

  • To ensure our customers’ requirements and expectations are fully understood and service delivery is continually monitored.
  • We have the ability to react and adapt to our client’s requirements to ensure quality standards are achieved and maintained.
  • To provide the right environment and resources for our staff to carry out this quality service and to employ the right people to provide this.
  • To continually review, monitor and measure our service to identify opportunities for continual improvement.

We believe that the quality of the service we provide to our customers starts with the ‘can do’ attitude of our staff which in turn supports and enhances our quality service. The regular reviews by our teams allows us the flexibility to maintain the quality of our service but also ensures our Quality Policy is effective and robust.

Environmental Policy

We at Swift Office Cleaning Services Ltd believe that unless the environment is respected and cared for, the future of our world will become a poor legacy for our children and their children to inherit.

We are constantly reviewing all of our suppliers, looking to ensure that where ever possible all of the products we use are environmentally friendly.

We are committed to comply with the ISO14001 standard.

Our two main suppliers of cleaning products themselves take the environment issue very seriously and are both accredited ISO14001 companies. Where possible we always use trigger sprays as an alternative applicator to aerosol cleaning agents. We also purchase our chemicals in larger batches in order that packaging waste is minimised.

We like to encourage our clients to recycle paper and glass wherever possible and are happy to dispose of waste in different containers for recycling on their sites. At our own office, we have paper and other recycling procedures in place.

Most of our recommended paper products are supplied by SCA Sweden. The company is a world leader in protecting the environment, planting two new trees for every one that is felled.

We also have an ambition to have at least 97% of our clients within a 30-mile radius from our office. This target has been achieved and reduces the impact we have on the environment in vehicle pollution.

Most potential damage can be done to the environment by our front line staff, our daily cleaning operatives. We put tremendous effort into training, re-training and regularly monitoring their performance.

Together as a team striving for the same goal we can help to protect the environment for the future and seek out opportunities for continued improvement.

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