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Co-Working Office Space Cleaning

Please note that all of these resources will all be available to you when you decide to partner with Swift for your daily office cleaning service.

Swift Office Cleaning Services provides high quality contract office cleaning services to co-working offices throughout London, Essex and Herts.

Co-working spaces have exploded over the past decade. The huge increase in flexible working, remote working and in freelancing has caused a surge in demand for shared workspaces for office visits, collaboration or general socialisation.

If you manage or own a co-working office and want to keep it clean, Swift Office Cleaning Services can help.

We provide a range of office cleaning services, including:

All services are available as part of a cleaning contract.

Co-working office cleaning

You can find co-working spaces in every town and city, with more being opened all the time. They are the logical answer to the changing workplace landscape and provide somewhere for staff to congregate, collaborate and help maintain company culture.

If you’re looking for a professional, dependable cleaning company to help you keep workspaces clean and users safe, Swift Office Cleaning Services can help.

We have designed an adaptable co-working office cleaning service to deliver the quality you demand with the flexibility you need.

We build contracts around your specific requirements, so you get exactly what you want, when you want.

Our co-working office cleaning services can include:

General office cleaning – Co-working office cleaning that includes general cleaning, emptying of bins, vacuuming, cleaning door handles and touchpoints.

Multi-site office cleaning – Scheduled cleaning across multiple sites that can include any cleaning service we offer.

Early morning or late evening cleaning – Same as general cleaning but completed before the workday starts or beginning after your workday ends.

Office kitchen and bathroom cleaning – Specialist cleaning of all office kitchens and bathrooms throughout the co-working space to include floors, and all fixtures and fittings.

Shared area and reception cleaning – Cleaning of meeting rooms, conference rooms, break rooms, reception, guest areas, social spaces and any shared area within an office.

Antibacterial cleaning – Specialist cleaning of all high traffic areas, office equipment, kitchens, bathrooms and desks and more using a special non-toxic antibacterial solution.

Daytime janitorial services – A daytime janitor on site or across multiple sites to assist with cleaning, maintenance, replenishing kitchen and bathroom items and anything you require.

All services are available as part of your office cleaning contract.

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    Giving you the co-working office cleaning services, information and support you need

    The co-working office cleaning support you need

    • Early morning cleaning – Many co-working spaces are open 24/7 so we find early morning cleaning the most appropriate for this kind of situation. People are likely to stay late and early morning co-working office cleaning helps to minimise disruption for your clients. The co-working office cleaning support you need

    • Day-time janitor – In addition to daily office cleaning, we can provide day-time janitorial service to help you maintain your space during ‘working hours’ or over lunch. Janitors carry out a range of tasks from checking washrooms to replenishing stock.

    A janitor is valuable back-office support to ensure the smooth running of your co-working space – and keeping your tenants and clients happy! They can be there for as little as 2 hours a day or even for the whole day, if you need more support.

    Why choose Swift Office Cleaning Services for your co-working office cleaning services?

    • Cleaning schedule defined to your needs – Whether you’re managing one co-working space, or multiple sites, we’ll work with you to define a co-working office cleaning schedule that works for you.

    • Quick process to switch – We’ve been running Swift Office Cleaning Services for nearly 40 years, and we manage the transition from your previous office cleaning company so there’s minimal effort on your part.

    • Competitive rates and quality service – We offer competitive rates, but we don’t scrimp on quality. Have a look at our reviews and see for yourself!

    Contact us now to discuss your co-working office cleaning. Call us today on 0203 405 8442 (London) or 01279 413 641 (Essex and Hertfordshire) – or request a quote.

    Our Co-Working Office Cleaning Services:

    • Co-working space office cleaning for multi-site office spaces
    • Regular daily office cleaning to maintain busy environments
    • Day-time janitors to support the space with servicing of meeting rooms, replenishing consumables and maintaining washrooms
    • Early morning cleaning to ensure minimal disruption to your co-working space
    • One point of contact with Swift Office Cleaning Services to ensure regular communication and delivery of high-standard daily office cleaning
    • Additional services available such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning and floor maintenance

    Co-working space cleaning from Swift Office Cleaning Services

    Swift Office Cleaning Services has been providing dependable cleaning across London and the south east for over 40 years.

    We invest heavily in our staff and our business. We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and 45001:2015 certified and have a team of experienced, qualified staff on hand to deliver exceptional co-working space cleaning on a schedule or on demand.

    Please note that all cleaning services are available when you decide to partner with Swift Office Cleaning Services for your daily office cleaning service.