Office Equipment Cleaning in London


Office Equipment Cleaning In London

Please note that all of these resources will all be available to you when you decide to partner with Swift for your daily office cleaning service.

Swift Office Cleaning Services has specialists on hand to hygienically clean office equipment such as keyboards, mice, printers, phones and the myriad of other devices we use in our offices every day.

We would be happy to provide this valuable service to your office as part of an ongoing cleaning agreement.

With an increased dependence on technology at work, it’s more important than ever to keep everything clean. With bacteria, viruses and other infections still an everyday part of our lives, minimising the risk of infection is key.

Swift Office Cleaning Services can help with that.

We can provide office equipment cleaning services alongside:

All cleaning services are available as part of your cleaning contract.

Office equipment cleaning

Did you know that researchers found more bacteria on the average office keyboard than on a toilet seat? 

Some bacteria can survive for up to 24 hours on office equipment, which presents an increased risk of infection. That’s especially true in offices that hot desk or share equipment!

That’s one of the reasons why Swift Office Cleaning Services offers professional, hygienic office equipment cleaning as part of its contract cleaning services.

Office equipment cleaning can help prevent infection from bacteria and any number of other viruses. It’s a safe, simple way to keep your staff happy and healthy!

Office equipment cleaning can include:

General desk cleaning – A tidy desk reflects a tidy mind and we can help with that. General desk cleaning can include removing cups and mugs, dusting, bin emptying, general cleaning and wiping down using a special non-toxic antibacterial solution.

Mouse, keyboard and telephone cleaning – Full hygienic clean of bacteria hotspots like keyboards, mice, telephones, screen controls, trackpads and other devices using a special non-toxic antibacterial solution.

Specialist cleaning for desktops, printers and other devices – We have specially trained staff that can safely remove dirt and dust from devices and clean all surfaces without damaging anything or changing any settings.

Anti-static cleaning for sensitive devices – Some devices are more sensitive to static electricity than others, which is why we have trained staff who can clean all types of technology safely.

Professional office equipment cleaning

Our team has cleaning specialists for most devices used in the office. That includes desktops, laptops, routers, VoIP phones. POTS phones, mice, keyboards, printers, fax machines and anything else commonly used in offices.

We use only approved methods and equipment. Our cleaning products contain no water, nitrates or ammonia and are non-toxic to humans too.

Our specialists are trained in anti-static procedures, safe equipment handling and can effectively remove dirt, dust and debris from computers and other air cooled technology without interference or damage.

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    Specialist Office Equipment Cleaning

    Swift Office Cleaning Services provides thorough, effective office equipment cleaning services both for general and specialist office equipment.

    Why choose Swift for Your Office Equipment Cleaning Requirements?

    Our office equipment cleaning services are reliable and excellent value. We offer a tailored service for every client we work with.

    We make sure that all our cleaning operatives are trained efficiently and your dedicated Account Manager will also check in with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

    They will discuss any adjustments you require to ensure that the cleaning service you want is the cleaning service you get.

    Commercial Office Equipment Cleaning

    We understand how important it is for your office equipment to not only look clean, but to be free of dirt, germs or bacteria build-up that could cause potential harm to your employees. Our specialist office equipment cleaners are highly trained and will use the best and most appropriate techniques and products to ensure that your office equipment is clean and hygienic.

    Our Regular Office Equipment Cleaning Services Include

    • Cleaning general office equipment such as computer screens and telephones
    • In-depth knowledge of the machine special products to ensure machine won’t get damaged during the cleaning process
    • Specialised cleaning services including computer equipment cleaning
    • Wipe down of of workspace areas
    • Anti-static treatment applied to equipment exteriors and screens

    Office equipment cleaning from Swift Office Cleaning Services

    As well as specialist equipment-handling training, staff undergo rigorous training on safe working, health and safety and on our specialist equipment.

    Swift Office Cleaning Services is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and 45001:2015 certified for quality management and environmental systems.

    We provide full COSHH documentation in accordance with current Health and Safety legislation and perform risk assessments for each site before commencing work.

    Please note that all cleaning services are available when you decide to partner with Swift Office Cleaning Services for your daily office cleaning service.