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Cleaning for Multi Tenanted Offices


Cleaning For Multi-tenanted Offices

Please note that all of these resources will all be available to you when you decide to partner with Swift for your daily office cleaning service.

Swift Office Cleaning Services offers a flexible, reliable contract cleaning service for multi-tenanted offices throughout London and Essex.

The changing employment landscape means adapting to new ways of working and new places of work. You need an office cleaning company with the flexibility to adapt alongside you.

Swift Office Cleaning Services provides:

All services are available as part of a cleaning contract.

Multi-tenanted office cleaning

Multi-tenanted offices are becoming more popular all the time. They are the efficient answer to a complex problem. How to enable companies to have a traditional office presence in the face of a changing work environment.

As companies offer hybrid and home working, the demand for huge office spaces decreases, and the demand for more flexible solutions increases.

Which is why we’re seeing the rise of multi-tenanted offices.

Multi-tenanted office cleaning requires a different solution. A more flexible, more collaborative approach where the needs of all tenants are taken into account and built into a contract.

Each company may have different preferences, different needs according to their industry or different preferred cleaning times.

It’s our job to cater to all that. Which is something we pride ourselves in doing.

Swift Office Cleaning Services effectively manages the needs of multi-tenanted offices across London, Essex and the south east. We have the flexibility and determination to deliver an exceptional service for everyone.

Our multi-tenanted office cleaning services typically include:

General office cleaning – Cleaning of office spaces, desks, bins, touchpoints,  and any specific areas of concern. Standard office cleaning but with multi-tenanted buildings in mind.

Vacuuming and floor cleaning – Full vacuum of all office floors throughout, including shared areas and anywhere else you require. Either individual offices on a schedule or the entire floor.

Office kitchen and bathroom cleaning – Thorough cleaning of office kitchens and bathrooms including all surfaces, appliances, equipment and floors. Can include shared facilities and individual office facilities as appropriate.

Shared area and reception cleaning – Cleaning of break rooms, reception areas, lobbies, hallways, meeting rooms and customer areas. Multi-tenanted office cleaning designed around your particular needs.

COVID, cold and flu cleaning – Specialist cleaning of all individual and shared office spaces with steam cleaners and specialist products to minimise the risk of infection from cold, flu and COVID.

Office deep cleaning – Deep cleaning of all spaces as part of a cleaning contract to include all surfaces, steam cleaning and other services as required. Shared areas or individual space cleaning as required.

Ad-hoc multi-tenanted office cleaning – One-off cleans, specialist cleaning, emergency response cleaning and other services as part of your contract.

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    Why choose Swift Office Cleaning Services for Multi-Tenanted Office Cleaning?

    We work with landlords of commercial buildings as well as office tenants. Often we are there at the right at the beginning, before tenants have moved in, and are recommended by landlords as we have total security clearance and we already know the building inside out.

    Cost-savings and Individual Office Cleaning Contracts

    Clients in multi-tenanted offices benefit from working with Swift Office Cleaning Services as the more hours you contract, the more cost-effective your office cleaning becomes.

    We can provide individual office cleaning contracts and invoices for each tenant. We are sensitive to the fact that shared office spaces may have individual needs and will work with you to define and agree a cleaning schedule to suit.

    Multi-Tenanted Office Cleaning Services You Can Trust

    Our cleaning operatives are extensively and regularly trained and reliable. We have teams across London, Hertfordshire and Essex and seek to provide cover for any illness.

    In your multi-tenanted office, you will have a shared Account Manager who will be your single point-of-contact working with you to answer any queries and amend your office cleaning schedule as needed.

    Your Account Manager works at the same time as your cleaning teams – whether that be early morning or in the evening – and they are supported by Customer Services at our head offices who are available during office hours. You will also be provided an emergency contact number.

    Our Regular Multi-Tenanted Office Cleaning Services Include:

    We also offer our multi-tenanted clients additional services from deep office cleans to day-time janitors to support with the day-to-day running of your office.

    • Specialist equipment cleaning
    • Window and carpet cleaning
    • Communal area cleaning
    • Washroom services
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Front of House cleaning
    • Day-time janitors

    If you’re a landlord or tenant in a multi-tenanted office looking for professional office cleaning, contact us to arrange a site-visit. We will provide you with an accurate and tailored cleaning quotation. Call us on 0203 405 8442 in London, or 01279 413 641 in Essex and Hertfordshire.

    Multi-tenanted office cleaning from Swift Office Cleaning Services

    Swift Office Cleaning Services are experts in cleaning. We have the staff, the training and the equipment for any type of office.

    We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and 45001:2015 certified and have a team of experienced, qualified staff we rely on to deliver exceptional quality every time.

    Please note that all cleaning services are available when you decide to partner with Swift Office Cleaning Services for your daily office cleaning service.

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