Do You Know How Clean Your Office Is?

Do you know how clean your office is?

Office Managers have a variety of duties that are required to keep an office running smoothly.

Cleanliness can have a significant impact on the day-to-day functioning of an office. It must be taken very seriously by Office Managers.


How clean is your office?

Understanding what to look for in your office and identifying problem areas which need particular attention is important.

At Swift Office Cleaning Services, we are experts in high standards of cleaning.

Here we will explore how to assess the actual level of cleanliness in your office, and what you can do about it.



Surfaces can become very dirty in office spaces.

Joseph Brownstein and Radha Chitale ran a story with ABC News in September 2008.

They quoted Dr. Aaron Glatt: “There’s very few surfaces that are truly clean” which shows that they need extra attention when it comes to cleanliness.

One of the most important parts of cleanliness in your office is the surfaces used day-to-day, including:

  • Kitchen tables
  • Kitchen counters
  • Desks
  • Side tables in common areas

Clean surfaces are hugely important to stop the spread of germs and disease in an office.

Cleanliness can be maximised, as Dr Glatt says in the above article:

“People should know that washing their hands is the single most important mechanism we have to prevent infection.”

“You don’t need to live in a bubble… but you do need to be aware”.

Unclean surfaces, particularly in kitchens, can be breeding grounds for bacteria. This could then cause an illness and quickly spread around the workforce.


Air Quality

The most important thing about good air quality is that it stops the spread of germs.

If you have an office with air conditioning and heating, then it is a lot easier to maintain the air quality in your office as they have filtration systems which help to keep the air clean.

However, it’s not just health and cleanliness that is affected by air quality. An article by Kate Pickles of the Daily Mail in October 2015 analysed a Harvard workplace study that found “Participants scored an average 61 percent higher while working in buildings with low pollution levels, compared to days working in a conventional building. They were tested on everything from basic tasks to crisis response and information seeking”. This demonstrates there are practical benefits to air quality as well as health benefits.

Even with air filtration, dust and other contaminants can reduce air quality. Regular hoovering and dusting makes air quality much more manageable and ensures the office is cleaned to a high standard. Swift Office Cleaning Services provide this with our daily office cleaning services.



Unclean computer hardware, notably keyboards, are prime areas for bacteria and dirt to thrive. Journalist Steve Hawkes reported in 2013 that consumer watchdog Which? found “swab tests revealed “hazardous” levels of germs that can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and even harbour infections such as e.coli”. So the threat to health is quite real.

Providing e-wipes will enable your staff to quickly and easily clean their equipment. Our office equipment cleaning service can also ensure computers are cleaned to a high standard.



Keeping bathroom areas clean and hygienic will naturally be a priority. The importance of using appropriate cleaning products in these areas is paramount as not doing so can lead to germs and bacteria breeding and spreading.

It’s not just about cleanliness, it’s the law.

The government’s Health and Safety Executive states that businesses “must also ensure that the facilities are kept clean and in good condition, and that there is always an adequate supply of toilet paper, soap etc. This means that you need to put in place an effective system to maintain them to a high standard, including regular cleaning”.

Our janitorial cleaning services can provide restroom disinfecting, cleaning and daily upkeep. You can also make use of products like anti-bacterial air-fresheners to help keep toilets clean when they are not in use.



Food hygiene is essential, and promoting good food hygiene practices amongst staff will ensure that a high standard of cleanliness is maintained. Fridges containing old food are not only unpleasant, they could be harbouring harmful bacteria.

Ask your staff to be aware of ‘use by dates’ and take responsibility for their food by labelling it with their names. One idea is to think about implementing a policy of disposing of all food in the fridge (excluding non-perishable items) at the end of each week.

Some evidence has suggested that kitchens can be as dirty as bathrooms in some cases. According to NHS guidelines “the kitchen sink typically contains 100,000 times more germs than a bathroom or lavatory” which shows the scale of the problem.

Many common illnesses like stomach bugs can spread quickly in the kitchen – particularly if a lot of people use it. However, good office cleaning standards will significantly reduce the number of instances and amount of individuals affected. Our daily office cleaning services can provide regular deep office kitchen cleaning to prevent any germs from spreading.

Common Areas

Reception rooms, meeting rooms and break rooms all have a high footfall throughout the day and are most likely to be the place you take your visitors.
Fabrics and carpets in these areas can become particularly dirty. Make use of hot water extraction and energised foam systems such as those provided by our office carpet cleaning services can ensure cleanliness is at it’s highest.

Cleanliness Standards by Commercial Cleaning Experts at Swift 

To have complete peace of mind when it comes to office cleanliness, why not speak to us about our commercial cleaning services to provide you with a guaranteed standard of cleanliness?