Adapting the office for working in hot weather

Working in hot weather this summer

With summer in the air and the cold, wet winter behind us, it’s time to think about the summer. How can you prepare your office for the upcoming months and the impact the warmer weather can have on your office environment.

A clean office can have a positive knock-on effect on productivity levels and the overall functionality and mood of the office. To help you ensure your office is ready for the summer months, Swift Office Cleaning Services have combined their favourite tips on creating an upbeat summer work environment.

1. Bring the outdoors indoors

Embrace the extended daylight and improved weather by freshening up office walls with a new layer of paint. Bring nature into the office by incorporating more indoor plants and flowers. There are several varieties of indoor plants that have proven health benefits and can purify the air.  They remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other pollutants, which are found in nearly all office spaces, throughout London and built up areas.

To complement your spring clean, Swift Office Cleaning Services offer a variety of professional cleaning services. From everyday maintenance to equipment care to carpet cleaning, Swift Office Cleaning Services will ensure your office is summer ready.

2. Clean your digital desktop

Reorganising your desktop can be an effective way of quickly boosting office efficiency and increasing productivity levels. It also gives you a clear overview of the existing files on your computer.

Organise your computer desktop by creating folders for documents, installing anti-virus software and deleting irrelevant files. This is an effective way to ensure you maximise on available storage on your computer too. Speak to your IT department for more tips on computer maintenance.

As for the cleanliness of your device itself, Swift Office Cleaning Services offer a dedicated PC hardware and computer server cleaning service. This is provided by our specialist and highly experienced technicians.

3.Take time to file

It doesn’t take long to lose your desk under a mountain of papers. To reclaim your desk, prioritise a short period of time per week to sort through papers and file them into a folder or shred them if they are no longer useful.

Speak to your Office Manager to acquire an appropriate folder storage unit, to have quick access to important documents. For office storage inspiration, read our ‘Top 10 Storage Solutions for Office Managers’.

4. Invest in a professional cleaning company

To maintain your office space and to ensure it stays at optimal levels of cleanliness, it is important to hire a top rated professional office cleaning company.

It is essential that your office space always reflects positively on your business.

This is key for both potential clients visiting you and for the morale of the workforce too.

With over 35 years of experience, we recognise the importance of providing the highest standard of professional cleaning.

We offer a variety of tailored contracts which can be adapted to suit your office needs. You are guaranteed a service which works for you and your office.

Swift Office Cleaning Services provides a dedicated Account Manager for each client.

As such, we always provide open communication and offer you the opportunity to be in direct contact with a member of our team, whenever you need.

Our services also allow for immediate feedback and welcomes reviews from our clients.

5. Ergonomics

With a large portion of your time spent at your desk, it is important to optimise your desk space for maximum comfort.

Try adjusting your chair height. Ensure your arms are correctly supported. Check your posture, and avoid eyestrain by keeping your desktop at arm’s length away.

Creating a comfortable office environment will help optimise your working conditions.

It will boost productivity, improving employee engagement and highlighting the importance of health and safety within your company.

Our tailored cleaning services

Swift Office Cleaning Services offer tailored cleaning packages to suit your office space and your working hours.

We provide morning, daytime or evening cleaning services, plus extra janitorial services if required.

Moving your office cleaning contract to Swift Office Cleaning Services is simple.

Your Account Manager will be there to support the move and arrange a smooth transition, always working with you and communicating at each step of the way.

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