Top 10 office storage solutions for office managers

Swift’s Office Storage Solutions Tips.

Simply managing the volume of paperwork and office paraphernalia can be a daily battle for office managers. Unsightly boxes of papers strewn across the floor and rammed into every corner.

The need to manage storage is a real problem and it’s essential as much as for aesthetics as for health & safety in the workplace.

These 10 top office storage solutions will help you reach a truce with the paperwork.


1. Storage wall

Creating a wall of storage with floor to ceiling units, not only maximises available space, it provides masses of storage.

Don’t limit your options to filling up an actual wall, how about using the block of storage as a room divider?

With open plan offices the norm, having a shelving or storage wall to create a meeting room hub or break-out area is simply clever use of space.

When every m2 means money this is doubly appealing.


2. Hidden office storage solutions

Organising your office may not require adding more storage units, consider updating the storage already there and incorporating hidden storage.

Office furniture with concealed cupboards and units such as this rotary storage cabinet makes a great addition to a desk. Its colourful design makes it more of a feature than a drab filing unit.

3. Organise wires

Wires are a hazard in the office.

There are a many options available to safely tidy away cables and wires.

However, probably none will be cheaper than a simple stretch of Velcro tape.

They can easily be labelled too to organise each bundle of wires.

4. Storage in communal areas

Break-out areas and communal spaces take a heavy footfall of people and quite often are restricted to hosting non-work essential items.


However, with the interesting designs of Abox, you can transform communal areas into eye catching storage space too. Of course, ensure any information held in these areas is not sensitive and keep the files safe with locks.


5. Bike storage

The number of people taking to the roads on 2 wheels is ever-increasing.

Plus, the popular ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme, one type of storage you don’t want to forget is bike storage.

Active Commuting has developed a modular system of units that fits in existing car park spaces.

They can be used to securely store bikes, contain showers, changing areas and lockers.


6. Off-site document storage

If space really is an issue then BoxMan and similar services could provide you with the storage solutions you need.

Box up your non-essential paperwork and have it collected from your office and kept in a secure warehouse.

Everything can be managed online, with barcoding and tracking so you’ll know where your data is at all times.

7. Designer storage

Designing (or redesigning) your workspace opens up endless possibilities for incorporating functionality with contemporary design in the office.

Furniture designers, Herman Miller offer a clever range called The Stem which integrates, desks, storage and technology in one flexible solution.

Each unit can be connected, configured and reconfigured as your business evolves and comes in a wide range of colours, materials and finishes.

There’s no need to fight for the best desk as every workspace is exceptional – providing you with a great office storage solution.


8. Mobile office storage solution

Being able to move storage around an office space provides enormous flexibility, especially when space comes at such a premium.

Solutions such as FlexBox are attractive and functional units on wheels.

These individual modular units can also be connected together to create larger group storage.

9. Desk organisers

Desk organisers can be fun and personalised but they do offer a practical solution to keeping your desk tidy.

We like this wooden multi-functional design, which can be used as a desk caddy or monitor riser. It can also be attached to the wall to create a post organiser.


10. Environmentally friendly storage

The availability for environmentally friendly office furniture has massively improved as more businesses focus on reducing their impact on the environment.

Companies such as Elite Furniture provide flexible and stylish storage solutions with wood that has been sourced from sustainably managed forests and it’s manufactured using materials low in formaldehyde and emits no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).





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