3-Day Office Spring Cleaning Checklist – Day 1

The Ultimate 3-Day Office Spring Cleaning Checklist – Day 1

NSCW logo National Spring Cleaning Week 2016 is here! Spring cleaning isn’t just about giving the house a thorough annual clean.

It’s a chance to freshen up our offices too.

Throughout the week we’ll be posting tips from the office cleaning experts on our Facebook page and Twitter.

We have compiled The Ultimate 3-Day Office Spring Cleaning Checklist which you can download as a PDF now.

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Day 1: Declutter

For the first “to-do’s” of the checklist, we urge you to get organised.
Did you know a cluttered office space can seriously affect the way you work?
If your office is messy, it makes working productively so much harder. It also doesn’t give a great impression about you as a professional either!

Luckily it is easy to get your working environment back in tip top shape. Simply follow these handy de-cluttering tips.

1. Do it once, and do it properly

If you have ever tried de-cluttering before and it hasn’t worked out, try asking yourself why not?
Did you do it thoroughly enough?

It is so easy to get half way through de-cluttering and then decide ‘that’s good enough’. To make sure that you do it properly firstly remove all of your clutter from your desk/ files/ drawers and sort through it all. Once you have decided what you need to keep, designate a proper place for it, and then add to it as and when you need to. That way you will always know where everything goes, and your space shouldn’t become de-cluttered again.

2. Be ruthless

The reason why we end up with clutter is that we keep things we don’t actually need.
When you sort through your papers you are bound to be amazed by the things you have held onto, anything from bills that are years old to snapped rubber bands. When you declutter make sure you only keep the things you actually need, i.e. keep them because you have to for record keeping, or because you know you will need them again as a resource in the future. Everything else is just taking up valuable space.

3. Give everything a place

Once you have decided what to keep, only then should you decide where to keep it.
While this may seem difficult, it doesn’t have to be, for once you have got rid of everything you don’t need, it should be obvious where the things you do need need to go. Make sure everything has its own logical place to be kept in, that way you’ll have no trouble finding anything again.

4. Find clever storage solutions

Often a cluttered work environment is due to not having enough storage space.
There are plenty of clever storage solutions out there which mean you can create a clutter free office and give all your books, papers and stationary a proper place to live. Look at your office, and work out what you need and don’t need. If you cleverly use the space you have, you’ll soon find that you have enough room for everything you need, and more.

5. Keep at it

Once you have tidied your workspace and designated a place for each thing you have kept you should find it easy to keep at it and not let your work space become untidy again.

It is quite probable that at the end of a busy day you will find your desk may be messy, which is understandable as you use things to do your job throughout the day.  However all you need to do is take a few moments to put everything away in its home so that you can come in the next day to a clean and clutter free working environment. De-cluttering your work space will leave you feeling super organised and ready to tackle anything. If you can continue to keep your office organised you will waste less time looking for things, and more time being an all round brilliant employee!

We spend a significant amount of time at our desks so let’s take this opportunity to create not only a hygienic environment but a clean and organised workplace that motivates us to do the best we can in our daily jobs.

Tomorrow in The Ultimate 3-Day Office Spring Cleaning Checklist we will look at the best ways to keep your office clean…