Why You Might Choose Evening Office Cleaning

You want your staff to walk into a clean office each day and feel energised and ready for work.

While they are on site, you need them to stay focused on doing business. You need distractions to be kept to a minimum.

Having a team of cleaning operatives doing their thing during the working day can be disruptive for staff. It can ultimately affect productivity.

Our clients with busy premises use a daytime janitor to keep their offices and meeting rooms tidy, replenish stock and fridges as well as support front of house. But for the thorough daily office clean, most office managers choose a cleaning service outside the working day.

59% of our clients now opt for after-hours evening cleaning.

Why choose evening office cleaning?

While your staff are enjoying their evening, ours can work undisturbed.

Our team will ensure the office is clean and presentable for the following day.

Health and safety

Health and safety is our first priority – for your staff and visitors and everyone affected by our services. Keeping cleaning crews and office staff apart is the best way of ensuring the safety of all concerned.

After-hours cleaning can mitigate risks such as trip hazards from vacuum cords, slip hazards from wet floors, and collision risks from items such as cleaners’ equipment and bins appearing in places where office staff least expect them.

Minimising airborne pollution

We are constantly reviewing our suppliers to ensure our products are as environmentally friendly and effective as possible. But even products that meet our strict environmental and health and safety policies contain some ingredients that should not be inhaled or come into direct contact with skin and eyes. Our work inevitably releases built-up dust and dirt into the environment too.

Your staff will not have the same protective clothing and cleaning expertise as our crews, which is why carrying out cleaning after hours can assist good safety management.

Increased efficiency

Just as your staff work better without distraction, so do ours! Our crews can focus on getting the job done without worrying about disturbing people. Evening cleaning in an empty, quiet space means they can move efficiently and freely from room to room or zone to zone without disturbing schedules and staff.

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