Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services


Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

Please note that all of these resources will all be available to you when you decide to partner with Swift for your daily office cleaning service.

Swift Office Cleaning Services can provide fully trained and experienced daytime janitors to clients across London and the south east. Our janitors provide fast, responsive onsite support for companies that require a more flexible approach to their cleaning.

Some offices work perfectly well with scheduled daily cleaning. Others are more dynamic, with ever-changing requirements. That’s where janitorial cleaning comes into its own.

An onsite janitor can monitor cleanliness throughout your building, replenish product stock on demand.

Janitorial cleaning is one of many services offered by Swift Office Cleaning Services.

We also offer:

All services are available as part of a daily cleaning contract.

A janitor can work as many or as few hours as you need. Some of our clients have janitors for two hours a day, usually at the beginning of the day or over lunch, and others for as many as eight hours.

Commercial janitorial services

A janitor can provide the flexibility your business needs to deliver a hygienically clean workspace for staff.

They can assist cleaners in daily office cleaning, monitor cleaning quality, manage high traffic areas throughout the day and assist with any specific requirements of your business or office.

In situations where early morning or daytime cleaning isn’t enough, adding a commercial janitor can provide a range of valuable services, including:

Maintaining cleanliness through the office – Supplement your daily scheduled cleaning service to help maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Regular cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms – Regular cleaning of high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms to maintain cleanliness.

Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral cleaning – Surface cleaning, frequent cleaning of door handles, kitchens and high traffic areas to specifically tackle bacteria and infection using a special non-toxic antibacterial solution.

Replenishing stock in kitchens and bathrooms – Regular checking and replenishment of toilet rolls, hand towels, soap, handwash and other consumables.

Help with ad-hoc cleaning services – Any specific cleaning service you require as part of your cleaning contract as agreed in advance.

Our commercial janitors can provide a huge range of services not mentioned here. Contact one of our team to discuss any particular needs and we can build them into a contract.

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    What is included in Janitorial Cleaning Services?

    Our commercial janitorial services can include:

    • Setting up meeting rooms and cleaning after use
    • Vacuuming the carpets
    • Removing waste
    •  Maintaining and sanitising the washrooms
    •  Maintaining and cleaning kitchens and front of house / reception areas
    • Replenishing consumable items such as such as soap, toilet paper, tea and coffee
    •  Front of house support
    •  Dealing with cleaning emergencies
    •  All-round cleaning support throughout the day

    A janitor can support your office for as many hours as you need. Some of our clients have janitors for two hours a day, usually at the beginning of the day or over lunch, and others for as many as eight hours.

    Contract reliable janitorial services in London, Essex and Hertfordshire

    We have been providing office janitors to leading firms and growing businesses across London, Hertfordshire and Essex for over 38 years. We have a strong team and training programme and are committed to producing a hassle-free, reliable service – all at a  competitive price.

    Do we need office janitorial cleaning services and how much will it cost?

    If you have an office with high footfall or internal meeting rooms to manage, then consider contracting a day-time janitor – if only for a few hours. Janitors can carry out varied tasks from checking and cleaning washrooms to replenishing stock and supplies. A janitor is valuable back-office support to ensure the smooth running of your office.

    Our trained Estimators will work with you to define a schedule based on your needs, and then we will give you a quotation based on your individual requirements. Contact us now for a free quotation. Janitorial cleaning services are different – and in addition –  to daily office cleaning services.

    Why choose us for commercial janitorial cleaning services?

    Swift Office Cleaning Services will always be happy to discuss with you the options available and assess whether they are suitable for your business. We tend to identify janitorial staff that are comfortable working ‘front of house’ or those with hospitality experience so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your janitor is confident working within your business during the day.

    Our cleaning teams will work with our Account Managers and be trained according to the specification of the project they’ve been assigned. We have 38 years of experience in the industry and are proud of our excellent reputation that demonstrates we are the ideal choice for all your office cleaning needs.

    We can provide uniforms for all of our staff but also alternatively, our staff can wear the clients uniform if preferred.

    Our Janitorial Cleaning Services Include:

    • Daily office cleaning for many types of offices
    • The removal of fingermarks of meeting rooms and doors
    • Carpet cleaning and flooring maintenance
    • Office kitchen and washroom cleaning services
    • 38 years of experience and consistently high standards
    • ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 & 45001:2015 Certified

    Commercial janitorial cleaning from Swift Office Cleaning Services

    Swift Office Cleaning Services are experts in cleaning and provide professional janitorial services across London and the south east of England.

    We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and 45001:2015 certified and have a team of experienced, qualified janitors that deliver superior cleaning to every client.

    We can provide janitorial cleaning as part of a commercial cleaning contract that can include any reasonable cleaning task. Feel free to discuss your needs with our team!

    Please note that all cleaning services are available when you decide to partner with Swift Office Cleaning Services for your daily office cleaning service.