The Ultimate 3-Day Office Spring Cleaning Checklist Day 2

The Ultimate 3-Day Office Spring Cleaning Checklist – Day 2

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It’s Day 2 of our challenge to Spring Clean your office this National Spring Cleaning Week (14th – 20th March). If you missed our tips from Day 1 on how to de-clutter your office then read the blog HERE.
Or continue reading this post to hear our expert advice on how to best clean your office. Alternatively download the full Ultimate 3-Day Office Spring Cleaning Checklist by clicking on the link below!

Day 2: Clean

According to the London Office Workers’ Survey, 90% of people feel more productive in a clean environment. Businesses can not underestimate the power of ‘clean’. Employees will not only be more productive at work – but they will also be more focused and motivated, with less need to take time off due to sickness.
While hiring a professional office cleaning team is ultimately the best way of maintaining a high standard of cleanliness, there are several things you can put in place to ensure your office is maintained through your working day so that you and your team can enjoy working in a hygienic and healthy environment.

Here are our 7 tips for maintaining a clean office…

1. Anti-bacterial wipes

Encourage everyone to keep a packet of anti-bacterial wipes on their desk. Phones, the computer mouse and keyboard are a breeding ground for germs. You can help prevent bugs from spreading around the office by regularly wiping these prime spots for germs – and it helps keep a lasting fresh smell in the office too. Invest in quarterly professional equipment cleans to minimize any health risks.

2. Paper towels

Spillages around the office are bound to occur – don’t wait for the contracted cleaners to wipe up unsightly coffee spills. This kind of uncleanliness looks unprofessional and isn’t particularly pleasant to work around either. Simply keep a roll or two of disposable paper towels in the kitchen area to quickly wipe away lunch and tea-break mess.

3. Don’t eat at your desk

This may seem like an obvious suggestion – if you eat at your desk it is bound to get covered in food crumbs and accumulate extra mess. The ideal scenario would be to take a break and step outside at lunchtimes to get some fresh air and brief exercise. But if it’s raining – and of course it often is! – and if you’re in a hurry – which you are likely to be! – then use the kitchen or communal areas to eat and snack.

4. Label food

Having a kitchen in the office is fantastic for your employees but it is all too easy for refrigerators to become overrun with out of date food which no one wants to claim as theirs. Getting your team to label their food so everybody knows whose foods is theirs means that they can all take responsibility for it.  Ensure your cleaning contractors have a weekly fridge clean included in their specification.

5. Wash up after yourself

Ask your staff to wash up any dishes or other crockery used as soon as they have finished it to eliminate dirty plates and old food lying around and people then forgetting about them.

6. Introduce office plants

Office plants enhance the working environment and give it a healthy and vibrant atmosphere. However this is only true if they are well cared for, so make sure any office plants you do buy are watered and get enough sunlight to prevent them from becoming damaged.

7. Call in the professionals

While it is important to encourage your staff to take responsibility for their own mess on a day to day basis, a professional cleaning company can ensure that your office space is thoroughly cleaned to the highest standards.
Come back tomorrow for Day 3 of our Ultimate 3-Day Office Spring Cleaning Checklist to find out how to keep your office organised!
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