How We Support and Train Our Cleaning Staff

How Swift Office Cleaning Services support and train our office cleaning staff

Cleaning offices throughout London, Essex and Hertfordshire, the Swift Office Cleaning Services way is a “team effort”.

From the head office to the cleaning operatives themselves, Swift Office Cleaning Services work together to deliver high standards of office cleaning.

One of the ways in which we are able to maintain our exacting standards of work is through hiring, supporting and training high calibre cleaners.

Hazel Jeffrey, Customer Services Manager, tells us what Swift Office Cleaning Services look for in their cleaning operatives.

And also what they give back to each member of staff to ensure they are content, safe, valued and respected in their roles.

hazel-jeffery2Our team is constantly growing and we spend a lot of time hiring new cleaning operatives.

We have become astute at spotting the cream of the cleaning crop.

Understanding the cleaning business as we do, you quickly get a feel for someone who is going to be able to deliver high standard work, as well as, fit in with the Swift Office Cleaning Services culture.

Being a part of Swift, means being an active member of a hard-working and high-support team.


Qualities we look for in our cleaning staff:

  • Excellent communication skills – Good English language skills are therefore a priority
  • Politeness and a positive attitude (to clients, the support team and their fellow cleaners too)
  • Enthusiasm, friendliness and reliability are more attractive and valuable attributes then having lots of experience


All our cleaning staff are interviewed in their own homes, where possible, which establishes their own cleaning standards and attitudes.

Each cleaner lives locally to the contracts that they work on too, which makes commuting for early morning or evening work easier.

Plus it is more beneficial for the environment if cleaners are able to walk, cycle or use public transport to get to work.

Having previous cleaning experience is desirable but cleaning skills can be taught; providing you are someone who is willing to learn and give it their best.

Regardless of experience, all new recruits take part in a thorough training programme carried out by Swift Office Cleaning Services experts.

This is then repeated every 12 to 16 weeks thereafter.

Re-training is important to regularly update our staff on new procedures or services we offer on top of the skills refresher.

The work environment

Our cleaning teams work in premises of varying sizes, from extensive multi-level offices to individual offices and shared spaces.

The businesses themselves also vary from media agencies and recruitment firms to IT and financial services businesses.

Cleaners who are flexible and are able to adapt to different working environments are highly valued.


Pride in the paperwork

As an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company our quality management practices are incredibly important to us.

As well as paying particular attention to cleaning practices, our staff need to be precise with their paperwork too.

That includes having a thorough knowledge of the task lists and being aware of company policies.

And also, familiarising themselves with the onsite guidelines and emergency procedures.

It goes without saying that COSHH health and safety practices are a priority for all cleaning staff at all times.


Providing support

Part of my role as Customer Services Manager is to ensure that our clients are receiving the quality cleaning services they require.

But also to make sure our cleaning staff feel valued and well provided for in their roles too.

Our company support includes teaching staff to use products and equipment properly with compulsory on-going training.

We ensure an induction is carried out on every new site, particularly with regards to fire and safety procedures.

Thorough and regular training for each cleaning staff member results in higher than average staff retention rates.

This means that we have built up teams of dedicated and experienced cleaning professionals.

Treating employees with respect, getting to know them personally and giving helpful feedback and praise for a job well done, boosts morale and job satisfaction.

At Swift Office Cleaning Services, we believe in teamwork.

We make sure staff respect and support one another while all working together to go the extra mile for our customers.

The way in which we manage our teams is a direct reflection on how we run our office cleaning business as whole.

We focus on quality, respect and support.

Our reputation for reliable and quality cleaning services in London, Essex and Hertfordshire has been built over the last 35 years.

We’re appreciative of the contributions each member of the team has made to this achievement.

We continually strive to hone and improve our office cleaning services, including our training and support functions for cleaning staff.

We are dedicated to the wellbeing of our staff members and recognise they are at the core of our business.


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