How to Clean Your Office Ready for 2020

In the month leading up to the new year, your office may be quiet as everyone flocks to spend time with their families. As an office manager, you might find that this period is an ideal chance to organise a clean of your office – and declutter ready for 2020.

Create a tidy and clean office environment that people want to return to after the holiday break, and enlist the support of your office cleaning providers and your colleagues. January can be a struggle for some – but a good clean of the workplace can go a long way in uplifting people’s moods and keeping spirits bright, ready for a productive year.

Here’s how to start a new decade with a clean office for 2020

The pace of business tends to pick up after the summer and it’s only when you stop, you see that you may have neglected your environment and now your office could do with a clean. Furthermore, if you start the year with an office clean – the spring clear out won’t be as bad!

Wet weather conditions are likely to have introduced more dirt to your carpets and although most offices will have a regular office cleaning schedule, so, arranging a deep office clean with your commercial cleaning company should be on your list. Cleaning your office can include anything from computer cleans, high-level cleaning, light and ceiling vent cleaning, cupboard cleaning and much more and is very much recommended for customers who have regular office cleaning. 

Further to the daily office cleaning we offer our clients, Swift Office Cleaning Services provides additional cleaning services including deep office cleaning. We also provide carpet cleaning, floor maintenance, window cleaning and external building cleaning. Consider each of these options to ensure everyone in the office comes back to pleasant workspace in 2020 and knows their organisation cares and respects their wellbeing.

According to the London Office Workers’ Survey, 90% of people feel more productive in a clean environment. So, let’s not allow dirt to be a demotivating factor.

Declutter your office

Over the Christmas period, involve as many staff members as you can in an office declutter.

You should start with desks and then move to other areas of the office – filing cabinets, communal areas etc. When the office has been de-cluttered and re-organised you will all feel a sense of achievement and returning to the office in January won’t feel so hard if you know you have an organised space to come back to.

During the year, we accumulate things that we don’t need. When you sort through your papers, make sure you’re only keeping things that are essential such as for record keeping or using as a resource for later. Make sure you keep asking yourself: ‘Can this be digitised in some way?’. Everything else is just taking up valuable space and time and each item should have its place in the office. This declutter will also highlight whether you need new storage solutions which could be on the list of things to organise for the new year. 

This could also be an opportunity to ‘clean your office’ digitally. Delete any files that you know you’re definitely not going to use again, backup data and organise your desktop. Most people will prioritise work over such administrative tasks – but they’re important too! A specific day of office decluttering is an excellent opportunity for that without the guilt of ‘wasting time’.

Sanitising your office

Even though you may think your workspace looks tidy after your declutter, bacteria can quickly build up on seemingly clean surfaces.

This is prime cold and flu season so when everything is quiet and before staff return, it’s important to clean your office AND organise sanitising your office space. Bacteria and germs shouldn’t be left to fester when everyone is out of the office only for them to return and get ill.

Large numbers of employees and several communal areas mean that having your office professionally sanitised is essential to maintaining a hygienic and safe work space. At Swift Office Cleaning Services, we offer telephone sanitising, the sanitising of keyboards and other equipment in the office that would have many users, such as photocopiers and fax machines. This can be arranged out of hours to ensure minimal disturbance to the staff.

How can Swift Office Cleaning Services work with you to prepare your office for 2020?

Swift Office Cleaning Services works with our current contracted clients to create a tailored cleaning solution for them. We offer them additional services such as commercial cleaning and disinfecting which maintains an appropriate and hygienic work environment for their staff. 

All our operatives are fully trained to use the relevant equipment and understand the high standards they have to reach in order to comply with appropriate office hygiene levels.

If you would like to contact Swift Office Cleaning Services to create a bespoke cleaning package for your office, please get in touch. For London, please call 0203 405 8442, and for Essex and Hertfordshire, please call 01279 413 641. Alternatively, fill out the form on our website to receive your free quotation.

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