COVID-Secure Office Cleaning: Regular and Deep Office Cleaning across London and Essex.

Deep Office Cleaning in London


Office Deep Cleaning London

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Swift Office Cleaning Services is a fully certified cleaning company in London that delivers exceptional contract cleaning services.

Deep cleaning can form part of that contract.

Office deep cleaning takes our standard scheduled cleaning services and shifts them up a gear. They complement our scheduled cleaning services to offer maximum protection from risk.

The past few years have highlighted the need for a safe, hygienically clean workspace. While scheduled cleaning provides the basis of that, office deep cleaning takes it to another level.

Office deep cleaning

Office deep cleaning can ensure workspaces are as clean as they can possibly be and provide complete confidence that your workplace and your staff are completely safe.

The British workforce loses a lot of productive time to illnesses such as cold and flu. Add the risk of COVID-19 to that and you have a recipe for absence.

This is something office deep cleaning from Swift Office Cleaning Services can help prevent!

Features of office deep cleaning:

  • COVID-safe office deep cleaning to minimise the risk of infection
  • Cold fogging and disinfection to minimise the chances of cold and flu
  • Cleaning of all surfaces throughout the workspace for full coverage
  • Specialist anti-virucidal cleaning solutions are non-toxic yet tackles 99.99% of bacteria
  • Deep clean of all high traffic areas and areas staff congregate
  • Sanitation of all work surfaces, computers and phones
  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and 45001:2015 certified staff and practices

Office deep cleaning is an essential part of providing a safe workplace. It creates a great first impression for customers and visitors, improves staff morale and should help reduce absences from sickness.

Let Swift Office Cleaning Services help keep your workplace safe today!

Swift Office Cleaning Services also offers:

Best practices for deep cleaning in London

It isn’t just COVID-19 we have to protect staff from. It’s cold, flu and other illnesses too.

Swift Office Cleaning Services use a tried and tested process for deep cleaning offices. We customise the exact processes to suit every client, but the overall process looks like this:

Clean, vacuum and wipe down of all surfaces – We begin with a full surface clean as this provides the basis for everything else.

Manual deep clean of all surfaces, door handles, tiled areas and high traffic areas – Builds upon the surface clean but goes a lot deeper. Everywhere staff touch or congregate is cleaned from carpet to ceiling.

Deep clean of kitchens and bathrooms – Every surface is meticulously cleaned and extra special attention is given to everything within an office kitchen and bathroom.

Thorough clean of all office items – Thorough deep cleaning of phones, keyboards, mice, work areas, cups, plates, kettles, coffee machines and everything your office might contain.

Disinfection and fogging – We use effective cleaning products on every surface to ensure as much bacteria and viruses as possible are removed. Fogging can reach places humans cannot, so is exceptionally effective.

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    Specialist Office Deep Cleaning Services

    Office Deep Cleaning – For specialist office cleaning services such as cold fogging to work effectively, it’s important to first carry out a deep clean the office to remove dirt and/or dust and sanitise all surfaces with professional-grade anti-virucidal products.

    Anti-Viral Disinfection and Cold Fogging – Cold fogging releases a non-toxic disinfectant into the air that’s 99.99% effective in killing germs and viruses – including coronavirus. Viruses and germs are killed within 5 minutes – and most spaces are safe to return to within 1 hour.

    COVID-Secure office cleaning practices and responsible policies – All deep office cleaning is carried out in line with best practice including social distancing and PPE. We have also put in place responsible COVID-19 policies to minimise risk.

    Regular and One-Off Office Deep Cleans

    Regular office deep cleaning – Employers have an obligation to provide a COVID-secure workplace and as part of their effort, choose to have regular office deep cleans – carried out in the evening or early morning to minimise disruption.

    One-off deep office clean – Whether your employees are returning to the office or you’re due for an office deep clean – we’re working with new and existing clients across London, Essex and Hertfordshire to provide specialist one-off deep office clean for a range of budgets.

    Staggered office deep cleaning – If you’re opening different floors or areas over a period of time, we can stagger the deep office clean to provide maximum effectiveness.

    Competitive rates and quality service – We offer competitive rates, but we don’t scrimp on quality. Have a look at our reviews and see for yourself!

    Get in touch to get a quote and arrange your office deep cleaning today.

    Our Office Deep Cleaning Service can Include:

    • One-off or regular deep office cleans
    • Specialist office deep cleaning services
    • Anti-viral disinfection and cold fogging
    • Professional-grade anti-virucidal products – non-toxic and effective against coronavirus
    • Responsible COVID-19 practices and policies
    • Established nearly 40 years ago with an excellent reputation, experienced team and reliable cleaning operatives

    ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 & 45001:2015 Certified

    Swift Office Cleaning Services is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and 45001:2015 certified, meaning our products and practices are fully compliant with relevant industry best practices.

    We can perform a deep office clean as part of a cleaning contract, as a one off for clients or on a schedule to suit.

    Whether it’s a weekly or monthly deep clean, a back to work clean, deep office clean after an incident or something else, we are always willing to help!

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