What is commercial janitorial cleaning?

Are you considering office cleaning services for your business but you’re not sure what you need?

Many larger businesses take on a day-time janitor as well as daily office cleaning. But what does a janitor do, and how does it differ to daily office cleaning? 

Everything you need to know about commercial janitorial cleaning

Providing a suitable workplace for employees and visitors is essential to the running of a business – maintaining compliance and improving brand perception and employee morale.

Daily office cleaning services includes tasks such as cleaning carpets and kitchen areas as well as sanitising surfaces. These activities are typically done out of office hours – early in the morning or in the evening – so as not to disrupt business.

But sometimes you do need some further support during the day whether that’s setting out and cleaning meeting rooms, maintaining and cleaning the washrooms or restocking office supplies. 

That’s where a day-time janitor comes in.

What do I need to know about janitorial cleaning services?

Commercial janitorial cleaning services usually involves day-time cleaning activity. Janitors are on-hand to ensure key areas inside your premises are well maintained. 

The role can be varied but responsibilities can include:

  • Setting up meeting rooms and cleaning after use
  • Vacuuming the carpets
  • Removing waste
  • Maintaining and sanitising the washrooms
  • Maintaining and cleaning kitchens and front of house / reception areas
  • Replenishing consumable items such as such as soap, toilet paper, tea and coffee
  • Front of house support
  • Dealing with cleaning emergencies
  • All-round cleaning support throughout the day

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Our clients work with us to define their own requirements – and it can be quite varied – as well as the schedule and the hours they contract a janitor for whether that’s the whole day, or for a few hours after lunch.

It’s also useful to have a janitor on your team if urgent cleaning is required during the day. A janitor would usually be able to handle such a situation until cleaning operatives can visit out of hours in order to clean more deeply, if needed.

Do I need commercial janitorial cleaning or daily office cleaning?

Janitorial cleaning is always in addition to daily office cleaning early in the morning or evening (even if it may be carried out by the same person).

If you have a busy environment with meeting rooms and a large number of staff and / or visitors then you should consider hiring a day-time janitor to maintain a clean workplace.

Daily office cleaning will always be a part of your office cleaning plan. It involves tasks such as sanitising desks and cleaning specialist equipment. Janitors would be unable to carry out these duties as it would cause disruption to your employees during the day.

Why contract a janitor from Swift Cleaning Office Services?

We are always happy to discuss with you the options available and assess what services the business would need. We’ve been providing commercial cleaning services for over 35 years so we can provide appropriate and expert advice. 

Our janitors can work as many or as few hours as you need and all our janitorial staff are fully trained and committed to bringing a professional service to your business. 

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