Tidy your desk and office in 5 minutes

Tidy your desk & office: be more productive and happier at work.

We know the last thing you want to do at the end of a busy work day is spend more time having to tidy your desk and clean the office.

However, simply spend a little time when the working day draws to a close clearing up and getting organised. This way, you should be able to leave the office quickly, and get on with your evening’s activities.

The secret to a tidy office is having a system in place, and following that system religiously. It may sound like a lot of effort, but it doesn’t have to be. All you need is five minutes each day to keep on top of things and leave your workplace looking spick and span for the next day.

Office storage space – out of sight, out of mind?

Investing in some good storage is going to be a massive timesaver in the long run. Keeping your loose paperwork, pens and other messy items out of sight will leave your workspace looking clear and organised.

Drawers, which are near and easy to use means that employees can quickly and easily file away any paperwork they have left on their desks.

Having enough storage space so that staff can keep anything relative to their work near their desks will mean they are more likely to keep the area tidy as well.

Needing to get up and walk across the office to access documents that they use regularly can be annoying and a waste of time.

Having enough room to store some personal items is also important. A place to put phones, a spare jumper, gym bags, and other items is really useful. Staff will appreciate it and it means the workplace is far less likely to get cluttered and disorganised with personal belongings.

Investing in a desk tidy is also an excellent idea and means useful stationary can be kept together. Having a desk tidy will help keep your desk organised and clutter free!

Pens and stationary can all be stored together meaning that they will they be close at hand for easy access. Keeping stationary in a desk tidy means at the end of the day you won’t have to spend time clearing up. Plus no more lost pens – hooray!

Make it official – tidy desks for everyone!

Put a clear desk policy in place so that staff know to leave their desks neat and clean at the end of the day.

As well as being good business practice, this also means that if you employ professional cleaners in your workplace, they will be able to quickly and efficiently do their jobs.

Many office cleaners won’t touch piles of paperwork for fear that it may be very important. If desks are piled high, they tend to work around the mess. This is not what you want if you need your office to be a clean, organised and comfortable place to be in. Let the cleaners clean!

Put a ban on sticky notes in the workplace

We know some people love them, but the truth is that they clutter up the workplace. They leave marks on computers, collect dirt, and generally look a mess!

It may sound a little autocratic but there really is no need for them. There are plenty of other ways to set reminders without wasting paper and cluttering-up the office.

Any scrap paper should be recycled, either in a designated recycling bin, or alternatively have a ‘scrap paper’ tray where you can drop your unwanted paper which can be used by colleagues as scrap paper, it’s good for the environment and will only take 30 seconds to do!

Go digital!

In this day and age most of our documents don’t need to be printed out. Having a well structured and easy to use digital filing system in place will prevent unnecessary printing.

A highlight of taking your paperwork online will enable everyone in your office to access and edit it. It’s a faster, more productive process that has multiple benefits for small to large businesses.

An online system means you’ll create less mess and it is kinder to the environment. It’s additionally cheaper (apparently printer ink now costs more than penicillin, vodka and human blood – see below!). You also won’t have to spend time at the end of the day filing all your loose paperwork away.

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