10 Top Reasons to Outsource Your Office Cleaning

If you’re considering changing or outsourcing your office cleaning, you’re not alone. It’s a popular thing to do, with more companies than ever before preferring to call in the experts rather than do it themselves.

If you’re thinking about it but have yet to be convinced, we have 10 top reasons to outsource your office cleaning.

1. The right person for the job

The most common reason to outsource your office cleaning is to use the right person for the job. Much the same as you would call a plumber when your pipes are blocked or an electrician when the lights go out, you call a cleaner when you need to clean.

We’re the right people for the job. We have the skills, the experience, the training and the desire to deliver exceptional office cleaning.

As you’ll already know, using someone who loves that they do is obvious from the results!

Employees can clean your office after hours or you could offer overtime for people to stay and clean up their own areas. But nothing beats using a professional to do the job.

Your office will look cleaner, you’ll have much less risk of infection and your staff will love you for it too!

2. Cost-effective cleaning solution

For many companies, outsourcing office cleaning is more cost-effective than employing your own. Unless you’re of a size or scope that could fully utilise permanent cleaners, outsourcing the service and paying a fixed fee per month is probably much cheaper than the alternative.

Employing people is an expensive undertaking. Even ignoring salary, the running costs of employees is high. Usually much higher than bringing in outside expertise!

3. On-demand or scheduled cleaning

Outsourcing means utilising the resources of another organisation for your own benefit. That works if you need emergency cleaning, ad-hoc cleaning or to add tasks to scheduled cleans.

Outsourcing to a company that can respond to emergencies or provide on-demand services when necessary and also have the flexibility to add or remove tasks to scheduled cleans is another great reason to use a commercial office cleaner.

4. Time efficiency

Someone who does a job day in and day out knows it far better than someone who does it occasionally. That’s reflected in the time they take to perform that job.

A professional commercial cleaner can clean faster and to a higher standard than a staff member who only does it occasionally. It makes much more sense to use them where they are most productive and leave the cleaning to the professionals!

5. Specialist equipment

Commercial-grade cleaning equipment is expensive! As are the cleaning products we use. Both of which would provide a significant overhead if you were to buy them yourself.

Why pay for that when you can hire experts who already have the equipment and cleaning products? It’s all part of the price, so you can benefit from top-class cleaning using the right kit for the job, without having to pay for that kit.

Everyday office cleaning tasks now have to be done more rigorously and with more attention to detail than ever before.

We also need to use some specialist products to keep areas extra clean, which we have the training and capacity to provide.

6. Higher office cleaning standards

We’re not judging here, but we think it safe to say that professional office cleaners will perform their duties to a much higher standard than most other staff.

Whether that’s a fully employed cleaner or an employee with cleaning as part of their remit, we bet we do it better. Our entire company is built on our reputation for delivering a perfect clean every time, so high standards are the least you can expect!

Now people are being enticed back to the office, having an overtly clean and hygienic workplace is essential. Not only for the health and hygiene benefits but for morale too.

Employees are much more likely to return to the office if they know you’re using professional office cleaners to keep them safe!

7. Instant expertise

Training takes time and money and while it’s worthwhile, you may be better off using your training budget elsewhere.

Outsourced office cleaning provides instant expertise. Our team has years of experience, lots of training and the knowledge to use the right equipment and the right product at the right time and place.

You can train that but it takes time and money!

This is especially true in the new normal. There are lots of extra elements to office cleaning now. Whether that’s new antibacterial and virucidal products, more stringent cleaning processes or the safe use of a steam cleaner, it’s all part of cleaning an office.

8. Lower overheads

There is an OPEX to commercial office cleaning but no CAPEX. This can make a huge difference to some types of business. Office cleaning equipment is a depreciating asset that uses up budgets better utilised elsewhere.

It’s also an expensive depreciating asset. Commercial vacuums, steam cleaners, window cleaners and the wide array of products we use all cost money.

Outsourcing office cleaning means a lower, predictable monthly cost that is probably a lot cheaper than you might think!

9. Reduced liability

Outsourcing your commercial office cleaning to an external partner lowers your overheads but also your liability. You don’t need extra insurance or to maintain compliance for use of chemicals.

You employ us to handle that. It’s us that makes sure we have full insurance and quality accredited.  We will ensure compliance with your local regulations.

10. Let someone else worry about office cleaning

Most office, building and facilities managers have a lot on their plate. The last thing they need is to manage cleaning as well.

Outsourcing means handing off the responsibility to someone else while you get on with more important tasks. You can check and inspect whenever you like but the day to day cleaning is now hands-off.

In these times of busy schedules, frenetic workdays and too much to do for too few people, that’s a valuable benefit!

Those are just 10 of many reasons why we think outsourcing your office cleaning is a good idea. We’re sure you can think of many more.

If you’re looking for an office cleaner you can trust, contact Swift Cleaning.