Office Managers – How to Improve Concentration and Focus in the Office 

How to Improve Concentration and Focus in the Office.

Productivity, motivation and a happy, healthy workforce are key to any successful business.

Office Managers must learn how to cultivate the ideal office environment. and to not only maintain current levels of productivity but to improve upon them.

Here are some tips on how to improve concentration and focus in the office.

Getting the most out of your team

What are some effective ways to get the most out of your team? Whilst making sure employees feel they are valued in their role and appreciated?

Improve your team’s ability to delegate

A good Office Manager understands how important effective and appropriate delegation can be.

Not only should they become masters at delegating tasks, but also encourage other members of staff to do the same.

Delegation isn’t about dumping all the work you don’t want to do on someone junior to you, rather it’s about knowing which tasks you have time to tackle, which tasks need your input, and who the most appropriate person would be to delegate to.

Effectively plan and organise your office

An organised office is one that runs smoothly.

Office Managers should make sure every member of their team understands their role and why it’s important to the business. Devise useful administrative systems to ensure every member of the team stays organised, and can plan their time effectively.

Ensure your team take regular breaks

Making sure that both you and your team members take regular, strategic breaks is extremely important.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that employees who take regular breaks perform better than those that don’t.

Team members who get away from their desks are more likely to perform better, be more creative and return to their desks feeling refreshed and ready to focus once more.

Encourage your team members to use their break times wisely, away from their computers, moving around and ideally, getting some fresh air.

Try to minimise distractions in the workplace

It can be a challenge for any Office Manager to ensure that their team stays focused on their tasks at all times.

However, minimising distractions can be extremely beneficial.

If some employees like to work in silence, allow them to sit near one another, and those who need to talk regularly should be moved away.

Encourage employees to keep their mobile phones off their desks and only use them in break times.

Restrict browsing of popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter to ensure employees stay tuned into their work and are at their most productive.

Set up reward schemes

Employees work well if they feel appreciated.

Setting up a rewards scheme can inspire your team to work more effectively.

Making time to give feedback and praise on a job well done is also crucial.

In fact, while money has been shown to be a good motivator, some studies have shown that it is not enough to keep employees working their hardest and it is intrinsic motivators such as being praised for a good job that work just as well.

Pay attention to the health and wellbeing of your team

Paying particular attention to the health and wellbeing of your team is also crucial.

Offices that demonstrate they care about their employee’s health and wellbeing tend to have lower levels of sickness and higher levels of staff satisfaction.

According to the CIPD website, businesses who invest in the health and well-being of their staff are likely to achieve “greater resilience, innovation and productivity.”

While recognising signs of stress, ensuring the workplace environment is comfortable and safe and promoting and supporting good mental and physical health can all be of great benefit to employees and businesses alike.

Offering classes such as yoga, social events, and offering free fruit demonstrate that a business cares about the health and wellbeing of their staff members.

It therefore motivates them to do a good job.

Maintaining a clean office environment

The office environment plays a crucial role when it comes to keeping employees focused and productive.

A clean and organised office helps minimise distraction, gives a better first impression and ensures good health and safety.

It has been shown that clutter can play a big role in heightening stress levels. A cleaner office environment means days taken off sick are greatly reduced.

Hiring a professional office cleaning service can ensure your office remains clutter-free, organised and healthy.


Good communication is imperative when it comes to focusing on priorities and productive working.

As an Office Manager, it is important to have established lines of communication set up with each member of your team.

A clear communication policy is also vital so all members communicate with one another too.

If all of your team members are communicating effectively they will understand and recognise what the businesses overarching priorities are and help one another get through their work as efficiently as possible.

Work to deadlines

Priorities rarely remain so without deadlines to work towards.

If you have a list of things that need to get done, before you even order them into what is most important, it is imperative you know when each item must be done by.

If something doesn’t have a deadline, give it one – that way everyone is clear on what they need to work towards and when they are expected to have it finished.

Know your team inside out

Knowledge is power.

As an Office Manager, knowledge of the duties, responsibilities, and workloads of everyone in your team will help you have a better understanding of the priorities.

It will enable you to help manage them to work as effectively as possible. As well as pre-empt problems and obstacles and offer solutions before they become an issue.

By following the above tips you can ensure your team are focused, and effective, that you prioritise like a pro and ensure staff feel motivated and valued.

All of which will lead to a successful, productive and happy workplace.

Keeping organised, focusing on your priorities and maximising productivity is so important in any business role.

By following the tips above, Office Managers can ensure they keep themselves and their teams working effectively.

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