Why Office Cleaning is Not Just For Spring

Here are our main points as to why we strongly argue that office cleaning is not just for Spring.

The term ‘spring cleaning’ has led offices into a downward spiral – instead of keeping on top of things, business owners some times limit proper cleaning to the ‘dedicated’ time of year. However, office cleaning should become part of your office’s day-to-day vernacular. Here are just a few reasons why an office that’s spick and span is worth it for more than just the obvious reasons.

Increase Efficiency

The average executive will spend 6 weeks a year merely looking for paperwork, according to a survey of 2,600 executives by Esselte. The reason? A messy office without organisation makes it impossible to find anything, clearly impeding efficiency around the workplace.
That’s why your company should have a process in place where paperwork is stored and put away on a daily basis. Office workers should know exactly where things should go without having to think twice. Next time they need something, the place to look will be obvious.

Stop Sick Leave

British businesses are suffering through the many sick leave taken by its employees – it is estimated that in financial terms, overall losses are near £30 billion. If your office is not kept clean, bugs will spread and you’ll be guaranteed to have to process a long list of sick forms.
Prevent this by hiring a cleaning company to do your office cleaning on a daily basis. Ensure your kitchen and toilets are given priority, as bugs can easily spread here. It will be worth the investment, as your employees will undoubtedly end up taking less time off.

Pleasant Working Environment

It’s important that your employees feel that they’re part of a pleasant environment. This will not only help their long-term job satisfaction, but will also ensure daily output is maximised.
Employees will appreciate the extra effort put into the office. Don’t make it just about cleanliness either. Try and insert a little bit of ‘life’ to the place by putting up works of art or plants. Combine this with a clean working space and you’ll have an environment that will have employees happy and productive at the same time.

Make Equipment Last Longer

Carrying out annual cleaning jobs on your technical equipment may not be enough to keep them running smoothly. Telephones, printers, computers, scanners and server rooms need to be kept dust-free and have a cleaning programme in place throughout the year.
Despite this requiring additional effort, it will save you time and money in the long run. Equipment that’s given the TLC it deserves will last you many more years compared to when it’s neglected.

Impress Your Clients

When you invite clients over to discuss new work or potential projects, it’s not just about delivering the perfect pitch. It’s also important to welcome people into an impressive venue that shows off your professionalism.
A messy office that has a three-inch layer of dust will not help you achieve this. In order to close a deal, every little detail matters. That’s why you need to keep your office clean and tidy at all times.
While many business owners often disregard cleaning as a secondary business pursuit, it’s nothing but that. Office cleaning will not only give you a nicer environment to work in, but you’ll also save money and close more deals.

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Article written by Hazel Jeffery.