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London’s Soho Office Cleaning, at it’s best..

Apart from Soho being notable for its history and culture in London, it has been home to many historical figures including, Mozart, Karl Marx and The Sex Pistols, of course.

For over 40 years Swift Office Cleaning provides an established commercial cleaning service offering to office and service-industry property owners and managers in Soho, London. Our diverse cleaning services focus on Soho’s creative businesses and independent services.

All you need to know about our office cleaning services in Soho, London

Broadwick Street, Soho

For your Office clean, Café clean, restaurant clean, Nightclub clean, Theatre clean or Bar clean, here’s what you need to know and what you need to do…

  1. Soho office cleaning service that works?
    Swift Cleaning provides a reliable, high-quality office cleaning service that’s tailored to your needs
  2. Fill in our online quote form
    Tell us about your premise type, purpose and size, and we’ll give you a quote
  3. We’ll give you a call
    If we need more information from you, then we will get straight back to you. We’ll give you a call to discuss your needs and answer any questions you have
  4. We’ll setup and manage your cleaning schedule
    Things change! Sometimes we need to adjust. Knowing your needs at the outset could allow you to reschedule, defer or add extra cleans due to special events or peak days or seasons
  5. Simple payment schemes and account management
    We’ll take payment as agreed and with each clean or cleaning period, we will send you an invoice for easy expensing
  6. We’ll deliver you 5-star cleaning that suits you
    One cleaner or a dozen? Morning or evening? Daily or weekly? We’ll provide a 5-star cleaning service that meets your business needs

Contact us today if you’re looking to make a difference in the cleanliness of your Soho property or increase the frequency of your Soho property cleaning, with a reputable office cleaning firm, with 40 years’ commercial experience

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