Our kind of film – Joy!

Oh Joy! A film we can get excited about

We promise there are no spoilers here..! Joy – the recently released film directed by David Russell, starring Jennifer Lawrence (Best Actress Golden Globe winner) and Bradley Cooper, is an inspiring story about a girl – turned – woman, who doesn’t give up on her dream. She has a family to provide for but it’s her self-belief and gritty perseverance that ultimately transforms her world.

And it all starts with the humble mop

Not just any mop of course, Joy designs a new machine washable, self-wringing mop. It is from these modest beginnings marred with betrayal and loss, that Joy builds her business dynasty.
Today we have mechanised equipment for commercial office cleaning, inventions easing and improving a variety of even the most menial cleaning tasks. But it’s always good to have a reality check once in a while. When we walk into our glistening office buildings, with fresh smelling, sparkling floors and windows, it’s easy to not think about the people brandishing the cleaning tools. But just for today, in the name of Joy, salute the workers who have not been afraid of hard work and getting their hands dirty.

Our own story…

At Swift Office Cleaning we are proud of our story too. We don’t think we’ll inspire Hollywood to make a film – but we are building something we believe in, with a team of people who we admire and support and with clients that we are proud to work with. And with every office we clean, every window we shine, every kitchen we scrub and of course with every floor we mop, we are making a valuable contribution to that organisation.

The importance of a clean workplace

We understand the importance of a clean environment – and from our recent survey we know that 86% of you believe it is of the utmost importance too!
So don’t overlook the office cleaning, call us for a free audit today. And maybe give the cleaning operatives a smile now and then. They are helping your organisation be the best it can and they are building their own personal dynasties at the same time – and boy, do we love multitasking!
Cue a mop salute…
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