Cleaning is en vogue at London Fashion Week 2014

Cleaning is ‘en vogue’ at London Fashion Week

Cleaning has never been synonymous with fashion however it looks like the tide may be changing thanks to London Fashion Week 2014. At the home of experimental fashion, the designers in London seemed to be strongly inspired by the cleaning cupboard. Either they were accidentally locked in the utility room or, to our shock, cleaning might just be ‘en vogue’. In Spring Summer 2015, the fashion forecast is that will all be making a sartorial statement with our washing up gloves…

1. The Sponge

Never moan about doing the dishes again, washing up is ‘in’.

2. The Washing Up Gloves

Head to Aisle 13 and pick up some cute yellow gloves to bring a splash of yellow to any outfit.

3. The Mop

Floor looking a bit grubby? Walk on your knees for an hour and you will have it gleaming in no time at all.

The Feather Duster

Do you have a meeting you need to dash to? Run along the corridor and brush against the wall on your way out to catch any cobwebs.

5. The Hand Towel

The answer to the age-old question of ineffective hand dryers and no paper towels; wear a hand towel and you’ll never have to worry again.

6. The Little Black Bag

That’s what they say about models, they’d look good in a black bin bag. And they really do.

7. Vivienne Westwood didn’t get the memo…

Some models needed a good old clean, but hopefully their prepared pals are there to help them out. Can someone get Henry on the phone? Holland? No. Not him. The vacuum cleaner…