Why a Cleaner Office Promotes a Happy Workplace

Why is it that a cleaner office promotes a happy workplace?


The average worker spends 40+ hours a week in the office.

Therefore, keeping the workplace environment clean, tidy, safe and hygienic should be of utmost importance.

Keeping your office clean and organised creates a happy workplace.

It not only makes the office a better place to work.

It will also save the business money, increase productivity, and ensure less absenteeism.


A Clean Office Makes Employees Feel Valued

Hiring an office cleaning company to keep your workspace clean and tidy demonstrates that you value your employees and are the kind of company that cares about the wellbeing of its staff.

If workers are forced to perform in an unpleasant space, they will feel as though their environment has been disregarded. This will signal to them that it’s acceptable for them not to care either.

On the other hand, if an office is sparkling clean and organised, employees will feel more valued.

This will improve employee attitudes towards their work. It will boost morale, and make them feel motivated to their work and the business as a whole.


A Clean Office Means Fewer Distractions

Cluttered workspaces lead to distracted workers.

If they can’t find things they are looking for, they are simply not being as productive as they could be.

Jeffery Campbell conducted a study on the relationship of cleanliness and learning in higher education.

A total of 1,481 people were surveyed for the study.

88% of respondents reported that productivity, concentration, and learning is hampered in dingy places.

Sensory distractions as clutter and foul smells affect focus in many ways.’


A Clean Office Means Less Time Spent Cleaning!

If an office is clean and tidy, it is much easier to stay organised.

Hiring a professional office cleaning service means that employees don’t have to spend their own time cleaning.

Office workers know that their time is much better spent concentrating on their work-related projects rather than cleaning.

They will feel more able to focus once this burden has been relieved from them.


A Clean Office Increases Motivation

No one wants to start their day surrounded by yesterday’s rubbish, dusty equipment, foul odours and overflowing bins.

Walking into a clean  office every morning will put employees in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.

It will keep them motivated and focused throughout.


A Clean Office Creates A Healthier Workforce

It is essential for office managers to promote good hygiene practices and cleanliness in the workplace.

Phones, keyboards, office equipment and shared workspaces are all places where germs can easily cluster and spread. Reducing the spread of germs is essential.

It can save businesses a huge amount of time and money in the long run.

A cleaner office results in a healthier workforce.

Employees who are fit and healthy won’t call in sick. Therefore, the annual sick leave will reduce.

As will the stress and strain on other employees who have to take on extra work while their colleagues recover.

Sick days, as reported by HRM Magazine, ‘costs UK businesses a staggering £28.8 billion every year.’

It’s certainly worth investing time and money preventing the spread of illness amongst employees by hiring a professional office cleaning company to ensure your workplace is cleaned to the highest standards.


A Clean Office Results In A Better Company Image

First impressions mean a lot in business.

If you are trying to impress potential clients, a messy office is going to give off all the wrong signals.

A messy office screams of inefficiency, disorganisation and unreliability, and it can be hard to shake that initial judgement.

Make sure you always present a fantastic first impression by welcoming visitors into an office environment to be proud of.

You need to show you care about the business. If you and your team appear organised professionals, people will feel they can rely on and trust you.


Looking for a professional office cleaning service?

Paying attention to how clean your office is is vital.

Investing into ensuring your working environment is hygienic and comfortable can make such a huge difference to your employee wellbeing.

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