3 Considerations for Marble and Granite Floor Restoration in Your Office

There are many different colours and grades of marble flooring.

If they are not cared for properly, they can, over time become worn and damaged.

Staining and pitting can make a once beautiful marble or granite floor look shabby and tired.

This gives a poor first impression when new prospective clients or employees visit your offices.

Hiring a specialist marble or granite floor restoration operative can help to bring these surfaces back to life. They will be able to offer a range of solutions to revive the flooring to its original splendour.

When choosing a marble or granite floor, it’s better to think about the current decor and the shades that will complement such an environment.

It is also important to consider the footfall on the floor and where it is located.

Maintenance should play a part in your choice.

Different marbles have different degrees of hardness so some will be more hard-wearing than others. They may be a better option for areas that regularly see people coming and going.


1) Common problems with marble and granite flooring

There are lots of issues that can occur with natural and man-made stone floors and at Swift Cleaning our floor cleaning specialists have the expert knowledge to deal with problems that can develop on not only marble and granite flooring but limestone, ceramic, porcelain or victorian tiles, and sandstone and concrete floors too.

Some of the frequent problems that may occur with such floor types include:

  • Dull or scratched flooring
  • Chipped tiles
  • Slippery exterior granite tiles
  • Stained tiles
  • Unevenly laid tiles
  • Cracked tiles
  • Black grout lines in between tiles


2) What should you look for when calling in a specialist for a stone floor restoration?

Someone who is happy to explain how they can help and to demonstrate their services so the customer feels fully confident that they can help

A guarantee on the work done – with an offer to return and repeat the service if the floor should become dull and stained again within the guarantee period.

A company with lots of positive testimonials from previously satisfied clients. A company who can give you a full written quotation prior to any work taking place.


3) How to restore a granite or marble floor

There are a number of different solutions that may help to restore a marble or granite floor and get it back to its original appearance.

pFor dull, uneven or stained flooring, grinding the surface using specialist machinery will give a smooth appearance and a satisfying shine.

Abrasive and polishing powders can also be used in some circumstances at a lower cost, though cannot guarantee a flawless finish as the machines can.

Protective sealants can also be used to ensure that the restored floor stays looking perfectly polished and won’t stain for many years to come regardless of footfall, a buildup of dirt or even those accidental spillages.

Swift Office Cleaning Services through our specialist contractor is pleased to provide you with a professional and effective marble and granite floor restoration service, so why not contact the friendly team today to see how we can help?

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