22 January, 2018
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Finding inefficiencies and cost savings in the office to make the budget go further

Businesses are continually looking for ways to reduce their operating costs, and it is the role of the Office Manager to identify inefficiencies, implement cost saving initiatives and ensure the office runs as efficiently as possible.

Of course, it is important to get the balance right. Keeping expenditure and outgoings low is essential, but it must be done without compromising on the quality of service or the ability for employees to do their job.

So, what are the best ways for Office Managers to reduce operating costs? Here are some tips that can help make the budget go further.

Review and research

Whether you are contracting new services or renewing old ones, always research the best deals from supplier contract agreements to leases, and be prepared to negotiate costs.

It pays to be prudent when comparing costs. Office Managers know that quality comes at a price, so whilst keeping costs down is a priority, the cheapest option for your business will not necessarily be the most cost effective in the long term.

Review your contracts regularly and cancel any services you no longer use. Many businesses lose money by continuing to pay for services, which are no longer necessary or relevant for them long after they ceased to be useful.

Invest in your staff

Identifying training and learning resources to develop your staff is a long-term investment. It is more cost effective to spend on retaining staff then contracting recruitment consultants to hire new team members, plus the time taken in the recruitment process and training up new staff.

You will also benefit from improved morale amongst the team and it is advantageous for your company to boast a highly skilled and efficient team. Offering flexible working, part-time hours and job shares could also help retain your loyal and fully trained members of the team.


There are a considerable number of online programmes and applications that can help make business operations run more smoothly, it’s a matter of researching the software that best suits your business. From website hosting to payroll, marketing to accounting and cloud computing, you may find that by using smart programmes to perform these functions, resources spent on them is reduced and thus employees time is freed up and can be used more productively.


Outsourcing and micro-contracting can be an effective way of reducing operating costs for short-term projects or roles requiring niche and expert skills.

Streamlining the facilities management services can also result in cost savings, from your waste management suppliers to office cleaning. Ensure each of your contractors have tailored their services to your organisation’s needs. Swift Office Cleaning Services create bespoke office cleaning packages for each individual client and charge an hourly rate, so businesses only pay for the cleaning service they receive – there is not a one-size-fits-all contract.

Go green

Reducing energy consumption in the office will have long-term cost savings. From switching your lighting to more energy efficient bulbs to improving your recycling systems. Every effort you make to minimise your office’s energy usage will help reduce your business’ impact on the environment.

Many offices are going paperless, reducing the paper supplies purchased, as well as, streamlining an employee’s time in the office with limited need for printing, photocopying and filing. Any paper waste should be recycled along with printer cartridges, cardboard, food waste and many other items. Check with your waste management company for what you can recycle.

As an ISO 14001:2015 certified company, minimising our impact on the environment is a priority for us at Swift Office Cleaning Services. To read more about going green in your office read our infographic on how office workers can reduce their carbon footprint.

Often it is making small changes that result in having the most significant impact on cost savings in the office, so why not implement the above tips in your office and see how much you can save?

If you are a business in London, Essex or Hertfordshire, speak to us about high quality office cleaning services at competitive prices. Contact a member of the Swift Office Cleaning Services team for a free quotation on London: 0203 405 8442 or Essex: 01279 413 641.

ISO Certificate for Cleaning Companies

By Katie Holtby, Sales Manager

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