What Makes Good Customer Service?

30 October, 2017
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What Makes Good Customer Service? Every successful business knows that exceptional customer service should be at its core. At Swift Office Cleaning Services, we understand that putting our customers’ needs first is what makes us stand out from other office cleaning companies in London and beyond. What are the factors to consider when striving to […]

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10 Things To Consider When Maintaining Your Office Hardware Properly maintaining the computers and other hardware in your office not only ensures the longevity of the equipment but it is also an organisation’s responsibility to ensure that work equipment is fit for purpose and safe to use. At Swift Office Cleaning Services, we understand that […]

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6 Important Questions to Ask Your Facilities Manager As an office manager, not only are you responsible for the well-being of the organisation’s employees but also for maintaining the environment in which you all work. Ensuring that your team has a proactive work environment, free of distractions and workplace issues, is a constant juggling act […]

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Office Managers – How to maximise your team’s priorities and focus in the office  One of the hardest and most rewarding parts of an Office Manager’s role is to ensure that they implement effective systems and processes to help and motivate their teams to learn how to prioritise, keep focus and work as efficiently and […]

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Why a Regular Office Cleaning Routine is so Important For Your Workplace Office Managers understand that keeping the workplace organised and de-cluttered is important for a smooth-running office, they also know how vital it is to have a regular cleaning schedule in place to maintain a hygienic and clean environment, in which staff will feel […]

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How much does office cleaning cost in London: a guide for businesses Commercial office cleaning is a competitive industry and this is good news for businesses seeking a London cleaning service provider. With a large number of cleaning companies in the market, standards are constantly being driven higher, whilst costs are kept competitive. But how […]

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Green Office Week 2017 – infographic on ways for office workers to reduce their carbon footprint It’s Green Office Week 2017 and an opportunity to encourage awareness of the ways in which companies can improve their green credentials. If every office made a small change today, whether it is instigating a recycling policy or switching […]

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Interview: Keeping up-to-date on health and safety for professional office cleaning services    World Safe Day 2017: Health and Safety Expert Insight into Office Cleaning – and how companies can respond to latest changes On 2017’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Stuart Hardman of HardmanHSC, Health and Safety Consultants, outlines key changes […]

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