5 ways for London office workers to reduce their carbon footprint Your carbon footprint is a measure of the greenhouse gas emissions you cause. To collectively reduce our carbon footprint in the workplace, we must work together. Every small effort helps and if enough individuals make changes to the way they work, however minimal, it […]

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Why all office managers need a recycling policy At Swift Office Cleaning Services, we are advocates of office recycling and encourage our clients to do their bit for the environment too. Creating a recycling policy is a simple and effective way for office managers to kick-start a company’s recycling or to consolidate current waste management […]

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Top 10 office storage solutions for office managers Simply managing the volume of paperwork and office paraphernalia can be a daily battle for office managers. Unsightly boxes of papers strewn across the floor and rammed into every corner. The need to manage storage is a real problem and it’s essential as much as for aesthetics […]

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2016 Christmas Opening Hours

12 December, 2016
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Christmas Opening Times Please note, we are closed on bank holidays only. Our office is open 28th – 30th December 2016 from 08:30am to 5.15pm, but we may close slightly earlier. Many thanks, and happy Christmas!

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How to motivate staff over Christmas

09 December, 2016
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How to motivate staff over Christmas The office can look quite bleak across the Christmas and New Year period when there’s a skeleton staff and the morning tea round is replaced with Alka-Seltzer. But there are ways you can motivate your staff to work hard throughout the festive season. Here are some tips to making […]

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How to choose environmentally friendly office furniture Going green doesn’t mean forfeiting aesthetics. With environmentally friendly office furniture it is possible to create a dynamic office space that has minimal eco-impact. Many businesses have recognised the importance of choosing ‘green’ office furniture and because the demand is there, there is now plenty of choice, so […]

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Office managers – do you know how clean your office really is? From making sure that office supplies remain stocked to monitoring employee attendance and time, Office Managers have a variety of duties that are required to keep an office running smoothly. Cleanliness and hygiene are major concerns which can have a significant impact on […]

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