What makes an “Ideal Supplier”? – Winner Announced!

We set out to find out what makes someone ‘the best supplier’, and we needed your help.

Supplier customer relations are key in business and over Valentine’s Day, we set out to find out what made “the best supplier”. We couldn’t do it alone and so we enlisted your help via our Facebook page – and what a huge amount of help and support we received from you all! Firstly, we offer a heartfelt thank you to all who got involved. It made our Valentine’s, that’s for sure!

We asked “What qualities make an ideal supplier?”
There were some fantastic answers including Maz Thorburn who said “reliability, flexibility and managing any customer irritability – lots of ‘ilitys’ ” and Jacqui Rushton who suggested “Listening to needs and adapting your approach accordingly”.
Zara Louvaine Lewis offered her view on the ideal supplier, “Honesty is the most important thing. It helps customers to realise that we’re all just human and reassures that the supplier really does want to provide the best service they can! I would spend my voucher on a lovely bottle of sparkling wine!”.
Nick Hopkins summarised our thoughts succinctly with his answer “Good customer service, good communications, prompt and reliable delivery of services”.

But who was the winner?
“An ideal supplier is reliable – first and last. I’d buy a bunch of flowers – they all look so beautiful!”
Judy Beba-Thompson, congratulations! You can head off to M & S and buy yourself a bunch of beautiful spring flowers.
Judy, please message the Swift Office Cleaning Services Facebook page to collect your prize!
Thank you to all who took part. We had a lot of fun doing this competition and we hope you did too!