Top Tips for Office Spring Cleaning

Top Tips for Office Spring Cleaning

When the daffodils blossom and we throw open the windows to let in the fresh air, we often start to consider ‘spring cleaning’. Out with the old and in with the new.  It is the perfect time to give your office the opportunity to start afresh. To help give your spring cleaning efforts a nudge in the right direction, here is a selection of top tips to clear your mind as well as your space!

Only Keep What you Use

Offices can sometimes start to look like something out of the TV show ‘Hoarders’; crowded with furniture that we don’t need or use but hold on to ‘just in case’.
If you haven’t used a piece of equipment of office furniture in six months, then ask yourself ‘what is the likelihood of needing it in the near future?’ and ‘what is the cost of replacing it?’ Is it better to have the space
There are plenty of initiatives whereby you can donate furniture to those who need it.

Clear Desk Policy

Why not look at introducing a clear desk policy at least once a week – this enables your daily cleaning team full access to clean your desks thoroughly.

Solve the Paper Crisis

Most offices use too much paper which is not only costly (see the recent example from the US Government!) but it causes problems including negative environmental impact, health and safety risks and fire hazards.
So next time you want to print off that email why don’t you ask yourself if it’s really necessary? After you’ve cleared the current pileup, get together with your employees and go over the need to cut down on paper usage.

Clear Your Inbox

Spring cleaning can go into the virtual world as well. Can you take one step towards a ‘zero inbox’ policy and better organise your emails?
Try and set up a system for each and every one of your emails that you receive. Set up organised folders, reminders and to-do lists, for example. These can help save you time and free your mind to work on other things.

Engage the professionals

Spring cleaning is similar to a New Year’s Resolution. It is a good idea but you have to invest in order to maintain your initial enthusiasm. It’s important to build a team to support you and a professional office cleaning company can be a part of that team.   Dust settles and bacteria builds up, so call in the professionals to do your spring clean and maintain your office throughout the year.

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Article written by Hazel Jeffery.