Top 8 office cleaning inspired secret santa gifts!

Top 8 office cleaning inspired secret santa gifts!

So, we’re an office cleaning company and yes, we do indeed find plenty of humour in cleaning inspired things – what do you make of our top office cleaning inspired secret santa gifts? Will these make their way under the tree in your office this Christmas?

Desktop Henry Hoover

For the messy biscuit eater – their gift has to be the mini Henry or Hetty vacuum cleaner! The perfect way to keep the crumbs at bay…

dust mop slippersDust Mop Slippers

Not only will these keep your feet warm in the office but they’ll also spruce up your office kitchen floor each time you put the kettle on – simply inspired!

Diva washing up brush Diva Washing Up Brush

Whilst you’re in the kitchen with your slippers on, wash up your mug in style with this disco diva washing up brush – of course the gift isn’t complete unless used whilst singing “I will survive” – a disco great to get you through the working day!

desktop wheelie bin Desktop Wheelie Bin

Keeping your desk in order is now possible with the wheelie bin desk tidy – definitely save this gift for someone very special in the office…

emergency food tinEmergency Food Tin

Emergency! Hunger strikes! Yes, it’s the ultimate food box perfect for when you need to take a break.

Thirst Extinguisher Thirst Extinguisher

You’ve of course got to wash down your lunch with ‘thirst extinguishing’ water…

Desktop Skip

We’re big advocates for healthy snacks in our office – if you are too, then give this gift to your junk food loving colleague…

ring for a coffeeRing for a Coffee Bell

We know that you all love coffee in the office, we proved that in our London Office Survey! So here’s the perfect gift for the coffee lovers in your office. It even comes with instructions for use – 1 ring = black coffee; 2 rings = weak white coffee; and 3 rings = strong white coffee… Now that really would be a joy to have in the office.