5 Things to Consider When Renting New Office Space

Are you about to rent a new office space?

Renting new office space can be an exciting time for your company and its employees.

You might have outgrown your old office and need somewhere bigger for your growing team. Or with different facilities to accommodate your changing needs.

However, moving offices and getting a new office space can be time-consuming and expensive.

Making sure that you rent the ideal new office space to meet your requirements takes planning, research and thought.

Asking the right questions and carefully considering your needs can help you find the new right office space for you.

So, before you go ahead and sign a contract… Here are some questions to consider and things to look out for when renting a new office space.

1. Does it have the office space you need?

A cramped working environment can lead to disorganisation and clutter – and create tension between employees too.

Think about the kind of space you will need. Not only for everyone to comfortably work in. But also spaces to have meetings or places where your employees can take breaks too.

2. Does it have the facilities you need?

Every business is different. Making sure that your new office can provide what you need is essential. Particularly if you want your team to perform at their best.

You might require lots of different meeting rooms and breakout areas or a place where you can hold presentations and discussions.

You may need particular kitchen and washroom facilities.

Do you need your office to be accessible? Is any specific equipment needed? Do you need places to store lockers or uniforms, and so on?

Make sure you have a detailed list of all your requirements. Ensure that the office space meets them all. This will ensure you are confident your employees are able to work safely and comfortably at all times.

3. Is it clean and well looked after?

The state of the office is also critical and making sure that it has been properly looked after and is clean and functional is essential.

If there is another business currently working in the office, ask your new landlord if they plan to hire office cleaning services to give an office clean before you arrive.

If there are certain parts of the office that could do with updating perhaps you could negotiate this into the contract to ensure that when you and your team arrive, it is a positive and pleasant experience and they guarantee everything works as it should.

4. Does it fit in with your budget? What’s included in your rental agreement?

Every Office Manager knows how vital it is to make sure that they budget correctly, and renting a new office can be expensive.

It is not only the cost of renting itself but factoring in deposits, paying final bills and budgeting for hours lost in actually facilitating the logistics of the move.

It all adds up.

It’s also essential to look out for any hidden costs that may be different from your old premises and being clear on who pays for what with the landlord is necessary before you sign a rental agreement.

It might be that certain services such as maintenance, janitorial, or regular office cleaning services could be negotiated into your contract as well as payment of some bills.

So it’s well worth asking and certainly crucial that you fully understand what your responsibilities are financially before finalising the contract.

5. Does it fit with your brand? Will it attract the right kind of people?

An important consideration that is often overlooked is to ensure that your office space fits in with your company’s brand.

If you are going to have visitors, particularly potential clients or customers on the premises you’ll want to give a positive impression.

Whatever image you are trying to portray, make sure your new office space fits.

Attracting the right kind of employees is also important.

If you are hoping to build a solid and successful team you want to attract the very best.

Offices that are sparkling clean, fresh, contemporary and well-designed are likely to impress potential candidates, so make sure you don’t underestimate the importance of ambience and atmosphere either.

Keep the bigger picture in mind but don’t forget the detail before moving into a new rental office space.

These questions will help you assess your needs so that you can choose an office that works for you and your team.

We wish you all the best! 

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