The Swift Office Cleaning Services Guide to Cleaning Through the 4 Seasons

Swift’s Guide to Cleaning Through the Four Seasons

Professional office cleaning providers need to understand the changing cleaning services required throughout each season of the year in order to maintain a healthy, safe and hygienic office environment.

As the weather changes, air quality, hazards in the office and potential for the spread of bacteria can be affected.

Here’s our infographic guide to what your professional office cleaning service needs to be aware of throughout the seasons:
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  • Pollen – Hayfever affects as many as 1 in 5 people. It makes its way into offices through open windows and on office workers’ clothing. Cleaning staff should dust and vacuum to prevent an excessive build-up.


  • Dust – Weather gets warmer and dries out, there is more dust and debris being walked and blown into offices. Therefore, cleaning staff should vacuum and give all surfaces a daily wipe down.
  • A traditional spring clean – Spring is the ideal time to hire an office cleaning company to clean the carpets, kitchens, office equipment and washrooms too.



  • Air quality – Air quality can be poorer in Summer due to increased use of fans and air conditioning. Your cleaning operatives should ensure surfaces are thoroughly and regularly cleaned to prevent build-up of dirt and bacteria. Office will also need regular window cleaning as dust will be blown on to all surfaces including the windows.


  • Warmer weather – On warm days low-rise buildings will likely have their windows open. This can affect the level of allergens and pollen in the office. Dusting and vacuuming regularly will help reduce any effects on workers.


  • Out of date food – Food left out in the heat will rapidly go off. Any food and drink residue left on the kitchen surfaces will harbour and breed bacteria much quicker. Cleaning staff should ensure the kitchen is cleared of all lunchtime leftovers. Also, all worktops, sinks, fridges and microwaves are sanitised and kept clean and hygienic.

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  • Leaves and debris – Leaves and muddy debris on the ground will quickly be trampled into the office. A good office cleaning company will offer carpet cleaning services on top of the regular daily cleaning, in order to ensure in-ground dirt and stains are removed.


  • Colder days – Central heating creates the perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Daily office cleaning is essential to minimise the spread of potential harmful bacteria throughout the office.


  • Damp coats and jackets – damp clothing drying in the office and closed windows creates warm, damp conditions, ideal for bacteria. Office Managers should ensure staff have a place to hang jackets to dry easily. Also, keep your office well ventilated if possible.



  • Muddy shoes – Office workers walking leaves and mud into the office leads to hazardous wet and muddy floors. Cleaning staff must pay particular attention to vacuuming and mopping regularly.


  • Windows – heavy rain and winds soil clean windows affecting the amount of natural light reaching into the office. Professional window cleaning is essential. Speak to your office cleaning provider to add this service into your company’s cleaning routine.


  • Flus and colds – These are more rife in winter so it’s important to keep surfaces sanitised and clean. Use high-quality cleaning products to ensure germs and bacteria are destroyed.


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