Washroom Cleaning

Office Washroom Cleaning Checklist

The average office washroom is a high traffic area that sees a lot of activity on an average workday. Bathrooms are also the one room you need to look, smell and feel clean as well as actually be clean.

Now more than ever, office washroom cleaning needs to be on the top of its game.

Checklists are exceptionally useful tools for commercial cleaning teams.

They provide organisation and the means to stick to a defined process. There’s also an element of responsibility there too, with a check next to each task, making that cleaner responsible for their work.

So, what makes a good office washroom checklist?

Washroom cleaning checklist

A washroom cleaning checklist will vary slightly as we create lists specific to each client and every office.

But the following would form the basis of any checklist we create.

It should include:

  • Cleaning mirrors, sinks and surfaces
  • Cleaning toilets and urinals
  • Checking toilet roll and hand towels or hand dryers
  • Checking and refilling soap dispensers
  • Cleaning floors
  • Emptying waste bins and receptacles

The order in which you perform any of these tasks is less important than actually doing them.

Some washroom configurations naturally lend themselves to a particular way of working, so go with the flow.

Cleaning mirrors, sinks and surfaces

Most office washrooms will have wall mounted mirrors and hard surfaces around the sinks. This is a place where dirt, water, debris and bacteria build up so should be cleaned every day.

Wipe down all sinks, clear any spillages, dried soap or dirt and ensure the drain is clear.

Wipe down with your antibacterial/virucidal solution.

Clean all dirt and debris from surfaces first, then clean down with the antibacterial/virucidal cleaning product. e and then use your antibacterial solution to give them a final clean.

Cleaning toilets and urinals

Cleaning toilets and urinals is the hardest part of cleaning an office washroom, but also the most important.

Toilets need to look, smell and feel clean to give staff the confidence to use them, so extra attention needs to be given.

We would recommend cleaning toilets more than once per day in busier offices, but a minimum of at least once a day in every office washroom.

Flush, scrub and rinse down the toilets. Use your preferred cleaning solution to thoroughly clean all surfaces including inside and the toilet seat.

Finally, use your antibacterial solution for the seat, cistern if visible and flush button or handle.

Checking  toilet roll and hand dryers or tissue dispensers

Ensuring there is always enough toilet roll or tissue in a bathroom is essential. We all know what happens when people run out!

Check all relevant toilet roll dispensers and tissue dispensers and refill as required. Add spares where needed and ensure there are enough supplies for the day.

Thoroughly wipe down dispensers with your cleaning solution and then finish with your antibacterial solution.

Hand dryers should be tested to make sure they are all working and thoroughly cleaned.

Exactly how they are cleaned depends on the type of dryer, but at the very least should be wiped down and finished with antibacterial solution.

Checking and refilling of feminine hygiene facilities

The same attention should be given to feminine hygiene facilities as to toilet roll.

Check any dispensers to make sure there are adequate supplies and check and empty the receptacle.

Wipe both down with your cleaning product and finally wipe with your antibacterial solution.

Checking and refilling soap dispensers

Soap dispensers will need to be cleaned thoroughly, especially the dispensing nozzle to remove any blockages.

Refill with liquid soap or whatever the office uses and ensure it works as it should.

Then wipe down with your cleaning product, for a hygienic clean.

Cleaning the floors

Most office bathrooms that we know of have tiled floors and walls, which makes cleaning both easier and more difficult.

Whatever the surface, it’s vital they are given a thorough clean every day. Special attention should be given to the areas around urinals and toilets for obvious reasons.

But don’t forget the floor throughout the entire bathroom.  

Clear floors of debris and dirt, scrub where necessary and make sure you have cleaned as much as possible.

Then mop to give the floor area  a thorough clean.

Wipe down if necessary and spray your antibacterial solution everywhere it makes sense to spray it.

Emptying bins and receptacles

Finally, empty all the bins and towel bins in the bathroom. You will probably have added your own rubbish to this as you cleaned, so we find it useful to do this last.

Empty the sacks, remove any spillage from underneath, wipe down the bins with your antibacterial cleaning solution.

Replace bin bags and put the bins back together.

You will probably have to add specific tasks to your office washroom cleaning checklist, but this should cover most of what you’ll need!