Hit ‘refresh’ in the office – it’s time for a Spring clean

Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally sprung and isn’t it about time after what seems like a very long winter!

So now that the sun is once again gracing our skies, it’s time to have an office spring clean!

Leave the big clean up to your office cleaning professionals whilst you focus on cleaning around your computer, organising your desk and replenishing supplies.

Here are some office Spring cleaning tips for your own personal workspace:

  • Start with your desktop – Delete unused and unnecessary files and sort the ones of value into well labelled folders.
  • Do the same with your inbox – Yes, we realise this is a task that is never ending. However, a tidy mailbox = a tidy mind!
  • Target your filing cabinet – Organise your papers into files, preferably with colour-coding, or labels. Shred the rest for recycling!
  • Organise your desk! – There should be a home for everything that appears on your desk.
  • Invest in a desk planner – This is a great way to be able to check your meetings, view your task list and schedule appointments all at a glance. Something like this will do the trick
  • Create an inspiring environment – you will no doubt feel more motivated to work in your cleaner and organised environment. It’s also important to personalise the space around you. Photos that are precious to you, inspirational scenes and quotes, help increase sense of wellbeing.
  • Head to the kitchen – Dispose of any old food, clean the dishes, and wipe down the surfaces!

Keeping your personal workspace de-cluttered and tidy will help reduce your stress levels in the office and improve your ability for clear thinking and more productive working.

Naturally, leave the big cleaning jobs to your professional cleaning service and be sure to regularly feedback on areas or tasks that need attention to play your part in helping to maintain the office as a whole.

For more information on our office cleaning services please contact us for a no obligation free quotation on customerservices@swiftcleaning.co.uk.