Meet the Swift Team: Dave Senior

Meet the Swift Office Cleaning Services Team: Dave Senior

We’re proud of our people at Swift Office Cleaning Services.

We would like to take you behind the scenes of our company and introduce you to the people who work here. You’ll find out more about the company and what it is like working with us.

Previously we introduced you to our top estimator, Katie Ashwood. To read Katie’s profile, click here.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to our morning client account manager, Dave Senior.

About Dave

I’m an early morning account manager for Swift. Most mornings I am up at 3am so that I can be on site, ready for dealing with the morning cleaning contracts we have.

My role is to ensure the cleaning standards are maintained on all of my sites as well as motivating and training the cleaners that work with us.

Some days are more challenging than others. My philosophy is always that life is one big road presenting different challenges every day.

I grew up in Jamaica and was involved with a number of sporting activities including football, cricket and softball. I also participated in both track and field sports, which I loved.  My passion now is Liverpool FC but I love all sports.

I think my early years in sport gave me insight into myself and how others work individually and as part of a team. Both require flexibility, calmness, and good reactions where necessary.

I have worked with Swift for over 12 years now. I started working as a cleaner, then worked my way up to site supervisor.  I have worked my way up through the ranks and onto my current position now as a client account manager.  I have been very fortunate and with many years in the cleaning profession can see the situation from all sides.
I feel that I am able to count my blessings that through hard work and dedication you can make a success of most situations.

Dave Senior