What makes good customer service?

What makes good customer service?

Every successful business knows that exceptional customer service should be at its core.
At Swift Office Cleaning Services, we understand that putting our customers’ needs first is what makes us stand out from other office cleaning companies in London and beyond.
What are the factors to consider when striving to deliver quality customer service?
Hazel Jeffery, Customer Services Manager, informs us of the eight ways she ensures each and every one of the Swift Office Cleaning Services customers are satisfied with their office cleaning services and why they are happy to recommend to other businesses.
Which practices could your business adopt?

  1. Invest in your staff:

    You cannot provide outstanding customer service without a team of highly trained and motivated staff to carry out the business’ services to the highest standard. At Swift Office Cleaning Services, we invest in our staff and hold frequent training programmes to ensure each member of the team has all the support they need to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. We carry out risk assessments for every office we work in to safeguard our staff and plan for the materials and equipment they will need for each job. We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified which shows our dedication to quality management and environmental systems too.

  2. Communicate:

    Communication is key to customer service. Make sure that you always have a way for your customers to get in touch and acknowledge them as soon as possible when they do. Even if you know resolving their query or finding answers to their questions cannot be done right away, acknowledging your customer and outlining a reasonable time frame in order to respond to them helps show that you care. When you do communicate with customers ensure you are clear and transparent, focussing on honesty and assurance.

  3. Spend time getting to know your customers:

    How can you deliver a quality customer service if you don’t know what your customers want? Spend time getting to know them and tailor your services to suit their needs and resolve their problems. At Swift Office Cleaning Services, each of our clients is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who is their main point of contact for all general queries.
    Our Account Managers make regular, scheduled visits to our client’s offices to make sure the service they asked for is being delivered efficiently and to the very best standard. We also check in on our clients each month to see if there is anything we can do to improve our service and ask for a satisfaction sheet to be completed to help us keep on improving.

  4. Resolve issues:

    According to the 2011 American Express survey, 78% of customers have stopped a transaction or decided not to make a purchase because of poor customer service. No business is perfect, and we all make mistakes from time to time. Most customers are willing to forgive mistakes if they are dealt with quickly and satisfactorily. In fact, a mistake that is dealt with well can actually increase the customer’s positive perception of your business as a whole.

  5. Treat every customer equally:

    Whether they are a client with deep pockets or a boutique customer who may only require your services every now and again, it’s important to value and respect every customer you work with and treat them equally. At Swift Office Cleaning Services, we work with large corporations requiring multiple cleaners and janitorial services, as well as, businesses with individual or shared offices. Whoever the client or whatever the address, we ensure that our standards of cleaning and our attention and care remain the same.

  6. Take pride in your service and reputation:

    Our reputation has been built up over the last 35 years and our clients’ opinions of us are incredibly important to demonstrate to other businesses our quality services and customer care. We strive to be considered as the best office cleaning service in London, Essex and Hertfordshire. In order for us to continue to thrive in this busy sector, we must continually seek ways to improve our service and ensure that our customers are happy.
    According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, a person who receives poor customer service is likely to tell twice as many people as they would do if they received a positive experience. So it is vital to ensure that all customers are satisfied, and if not, to resolve their issues quickly with the minimum of hassle and stress to the customer.

  7. Be a ‘can do’ company:

    The power of positive language is so important. If you come across as the kind of business who finds obstacles and excuses not to do things, your reputation will suffer. Be flexible, listen to customers’ needs, provide options, and always be willing to go over and above what is expected of you. We work with our customers on a 1:1 basis, and deliver a tailored service to ensure all their cleaning needs are covered and we follow a motto of “we do what we say we’ll do”.

  8. Offer value for money:

    Being considered good value for money is another important factor when delivering excellent customer service to your clients. At Swift Office Cleaning Services, we offer a comprehensive range of office cleaning services from daily cleans to carpet and window cleaning, specialist cleans and much more. Our services are provided by the hour which means customers only pay for exactly the service they receive.
    Our estimators discuss our customer’s needs in detail and provide a free, tailored no-obligation quotation, so customers know exactly what they are paying for before our cleaners even step foot in your offices.

The level of customer service you offer as a business has a massive impact on both existing customers and potential new customers. Customers who are left with a positive impression are not only more likely to remain loyal to you and your brand but are also more likely to tell others about the quality service they have received.

At Swift Office Cleaning Services our business has been built on delivering exceptional customer service, and we always try to keep improving and building upon our positive reputation. If you are looking for an office cleaning service you can trust, why not give our experienced, friendly team a call today?
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