Preparing and Cleaning your Office during the Winter

Swift’s Essential Office Winter Preparation Tips

When the days get shorter and the temperature drops, it’s important to start preparing yourself and your offices for winter. It is advisable to ensure that it is kept clean and as comfortable a place to work in as possible.


Office Cleaning Issues during the Winter:

  • Harsh weather conditions like flooding, snow and frost / freezing can make it difficult for employees to travel into work.
  • Spreading of germs and illnesses such as the flu and colds in the workplace are more common.
  • Gritting and snow clearance in car parks and nearby roads should be in place to prevent difficulties.
  • Winter months means less sunlight. Offices should ensure that there is ample outside lighting for employees when entering and leaving the office.
  • Offices need to be efficiently heated and insulated during the winter to ensure utility bills are kept within reason and employees have a comfortable working environment.

Stop the spread of germs in the workplace

Businesses can face a number of challenges during this time of year.

The unpredictable weather makes it as difficult to predict staff absences which are likely to rise over winter. A particularly harsh winter can see staff sickness rise dramatically, and in some cases this is unavoidable.

Large workforce absences for companies in the winter have the potential to be devastating. This is specially the case for B2C companies that rely on more staff being available during the Christmas season.


That’s why it is important to understand that offices are breeding grounds for germs. The appropriate measures must be taken to try to prevent coughs and colds spreading like wildfire throughout the workplace.

One way to prevent the spread of germs in the workplace is by simply increasing awareness within your office.

Placing clear and informative notices around the office will reinforce the importance of reducing the risks of spreading germs to your workforce.

Install points where employees can find and use antibacterial products to keep unwanted germs at bay.


A clean and tidy office goes a long way

Make sure you keep desk spaces free of clutter, and ensure desks and PCs are cleaned regularly.

Kitchen areas should be kept particularly clean. Ensure old food is thrown out and surfaces are thoroughly wiped down with antibacterial spray on a frequent basis.


This time of year it is worth getting a professional office cleaning company in on a daily or weekly basis.

Employing a quality cleaning company to professionally clean often-neglected areas can help dramatically reduce the spread of infections.

Keeping the office warm, and the staff happy

Of course it is important to ensure that you keep employees at a comfortable temperature, and sometimes it is hard to get that right.

However, make sure that if you put the heating on that you have taken the time to clean out the vents / radiators first. Remember that germs thrive and tend to breed much faster in warm, humid environments.

Obviously nobody wants to be shivering at their desks with their coats on, but keeping the temperature cool and pleasant is advisable. It stops staff from getting sick if there is not too much of a contrast inside from outside; it actually means staff are more likely to catch, and then spread, an infection. Having a lower temperature will help staff stop feeling lethargic at their desks too!

Office Health and Safety Concerns in the Winter

Of course besides battling the bugs, you have to pay more attention to health and safety during the colder months as well. Make sure you have dust mats on the ground where floors may get wet and muddy to prevent any nasty slips or trips.

Keep the heating on low overnight to prevent pipes from freezing up and potentially causing flooding damage. Invest in a good mop and bucket just in case!


Pay attention to lighting

As it gets darker in the mornings and evenings, make sure all the bulbs work as they should do. It’s important that there is sufficient lighting in offices and communal areas for staff to see and move around with ease.

Any outside space should be properly lit and it’s a good idea to invest in a grit box which will be useful if it gets particularly icy outside.

Furthermore, talk to your local authority about measures they have put in place to keep roads clear and safe. Your business relies on your staff, and possibly customers, being able to get through the door so ensuring they have access should be a priority.

How well have you prepared for your office for winter?

If you’re office is based in London, Essex, Hertfordshire or any of the surrounding boroughs and you require a professional office cleaning company on a daily or weekly basis, then please do get in touch with us for your free office cleaning quotation.