The importance of professional office floor maintenance for your office

In your office or commercial building, professional office floor maintenance is a key part in sustaining a pleasant environment for staff and visitors. Your floors are subject to large amounts of traffic each day so will inevitably be prone to a lot of wear over time. 

Professional office floor maintenance uses a variety of methods such as cleaning, buffing, burnishing and floor restoration that involves specialist equipment to get the best results. An office can have several types of flooring such as wood, lino, vinyl, marble and stone to name just a few. It will take expert knowledge to identify how best to care for each of these floor types without causing any unnecessary damage.

Flooring is a large investment for a business so it’s time to make maintaining it a priority when drawing up an office cleaning schedule.

Here are Swift Office Cleaning Services’ top 3 reasons why professional office floor maintenance for your office is important

1. Prioritise Health and Safety and avoid liability costs 

A business needs to protect their employees, clients and visitors from potential accidents. When you don’t properly maintain your floors, degradation can occur, increasing the likelihood of unsafe conditions.

It’s key that if you have hard flooring in your office building, there is an operative there daily to address the general cleaning of the floors to mop up water, grease and other fluids that can make surfaces unreliable and slippery.

If you’re not maintaining your floor and leave it to its own devices, the surface can deteriorate, creating a high risk of tripping. Professional office floor maintenance uses burnishing and buffing methods to clean the floors. A more thorough clean helps create a smoother surface by preventing imperfections on the floor. This will reduce the likelihood of someone tripping on an uneven surface.

You’ll also find that polish will start to wear on your flooring over time. Dirt and debris are more likely to penetrate the ground once it thins and this can make the surface vulnerable to further damage. If you want to reduce potential health and safety liability costs for your business, employ a knowledgeable professional office floor maintenance team to thin the old polish, clean up the slurry and then repolish for a safe surface to walk on. 

2. Showcase your brand values and reputation with your office

Impressions are everything in business and beautification of a space is part of that. No client or potential client wants to return to a business premises if the surroundings are clearly not well looked after. You want to be remembered for the good work your company does and not for a dirty or tired office. And word spreads – don’t lose business because of it! 

Regular professional office floor maintenance will remove the dirt and stains, creating a clean and shiny surface for your esteemed guests to walk on. Daily floor cleaning will remove dirt, allergens and bacteria and periodic professional office floor maintenance will be called when it’s time to address those stubborn stains and imperfections (although daily cleaning decreases the chance of those occurring). 

3. Don’t throw money away through negligence

Flooring is a big investment for your office building and the better the maintenance, the greater the longevity of your flooring and you’ll have to pay out less money in replacing and repairing it.

If your business owns the property you will have to pay for replacement flooring if there is damage. In the case that your business rents the property and is responsible for the upkeep of the building, you may be liable for payments to the landlord if there is clear evidence you did not take responsibility for reasonable amounts of professional office floor maintenance.

There are a whole host of variables over time that can cause damage to your flooring: high footfall, dirt, debris, sunlight and water damage etc. These all lead to the degeneration of the floor if you’re not properly looking after it, making it look old and unsightly. Fortunately with regular professional office floor maintenance, you can help prevent the effects of wear before it’s too far gone.

BONUS SAVING: Investing in professional office floor maintenance also helps with your daily office cleaning costs. You’ll be able to get a more even surface so that when your cleaning operatives come in, it’s easier for them to clean, saving time and therefore money. 

Office Floor maintenance in London from Swift Office Cleaning Services

There is a wide variety of methods, products and equipment to ensure office floor maintenance is done properly that your best bet is to hire a professional to handle your office floor maintenance. They are more likely to produce consistent results that will protect your floor surfaces, increase their longevity and help those who are walking through your premises avoid any unnecessary trips and falls. 

Swift Office Cleaning Services works with organisations across London and Essex – and clean and maintain their offices as part of our daily office cleaning services and offer additional office floor maintenance services to our contracted clients when the time comes. We’ll work with you to define a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly schedule to your needs, resources and budget.

We’re ISO certified (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2015) and all our staff are trained to use the correct methods and products safely and efficiently. We also provide regular on-the-job training so should you want to amend your schedule, all our office cleaning operatives will know exactly what to do, when and how. 

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