How to Keep your Office Tidy

5 things you should do at the end of the day to keep your office tidy

Without regular cleaning, it’s easy for your workspace to get a little untidy.

Even if your company employs cleaners to come in each day, it is still your responsibility to ensure the area that’s exclusive to you remains well-ordered and clean.

Whether that is remembering to water the plants, doing your washing up at the end of the day, or keeping your desk clutter free. When you have had a busy working day, the last thing you want to do is spend hours tidying everything up.

However, by following our manageable guidelines, you can keep your desk and office space looking good, ensuring that you will always have a comfortable and hygienic space to work at.

1. Have a clear desk at work

Having a clear desk is important as it means that the professional office cleaners will be able to access it.

Office cleaners are paid to do a good job, but if they can’t actually get to your desk, then you can’t blame them if it doesn’t get cleaned.


Keeping your desk mess-free means that you will keep a clear head too. It is easy to get distracted by clutter on your desk, which can take you away from the work you are supposed to be doing. Keeping everything tidily stored away means you are free to get on with the task at hand.

2. Don’t forget to check under your desk

Assuming the top of your desk is neat and organised, it’s time to check under, around and in your desk as well.

It’s easy during the days and weeks that we spend at our desks to leave all kinds of items lying around under there. Bags, items of clothing, shoes and books have all been misplaced or forgotten about under office desks.

Making sure that you pick up any items that are around there, either putting them away safely in drawers, or taking them home with you, means that you can be assured you won’t lose anything you’ll later miss. It also means that cleaners can get in and around the floor space next to your desk to give it a good clean.

3. Organise your paperwork

This is perhaps the most obvious point, but having a good filing system is imperative. We all have days where paperwork gets the better of us. However at the end of each day, if you take some time to file away work correctly, you will not only allow cleaners to access your desk, but also come in the next day knowing exactly where everything is.

Office cleaners will always be wary of moving papers and other company-specific materials, so be sure to keep your own personal workspace as orderly as possible.

There is nothing worse than losing that important letter or document. Ensuring you have a practical filing system in place means that you’ll never have to worry.

4. Remove old food and crockery

It’s a distressing sight – a sink full of last week’s coffee cups, mugs of old tea and dirty plates of who-knows-what.

We wouldn’t sit at home with our dishes lying unwashed around us. Why do we think it’s acceptable to do so at the office? Coffee cups left for days, old food going off in the fridge, and crumbs and on your desk are unhygienic. It can in fact leave you feeling cluttered and superfluously lethargic.


We all have to eat and drink at our desks sometimes but make sure to clear it all away. We promise you, you will feel better for it, and so will your office cleaners!

5. Reuse or recycle unwanted paper at work

It’s great if we can all do our bit for the environment. At the end of the working day, it is likely you will have bits of paper you want to throw away. If you have papers that are no longer needed, why not use the blank sides as notepaper?
Or simply make sure you put them into the paper recycling. If your office doesn’t have a recycling bin, why not suggest it at your next internal meeting?

Having a good office cleaning routine is essential. Going home at the end of the day with an organised desk means you will be able to truly relax. Then you’ll be ready to start the next day refreshed and raring to go!