How Does an Office Cleaning Estimator Calculate a Cleaning Service Quote?

Most companies claim to set the most competitive cleaning prices for a commercial cleaning job.

But how do you know that you’re really getting value for money?

Knowing how an office cleaning estimator arrives at a quote provides peace of mind when booking a cleaning contract or switching providers.

We believe that a fair and accurate cleaning price estimate should always start with a client consultation on site.

This is so that we can effectively tailor our services and prices to suit the needs of your office space.

Here are the factors that our own estimators look for before they provide you with your free office cleaning quotation.

Calculating a commercial office cleaning service quote

We always reiterate to customers that providing an estimate for an office cleaning service isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ process. That’s why we will complete an initial site survey to establish your exact requirements, based on the following factors:

Specialist cleaning requirements

We service a multitude of clients across a variety of commercial industries, including, financial services, banks, restaurants and hospitality, entertainment venues, media agencies and IT. Often, cleaning requirements range from sector to sector, with some needing specialist cleaning equipment to ensure a high-quality finish.

Frequency of service

A reputable cleaning service should always take frequency of service into account when calculating an office cleaning quote. And should be available to offer honest guidance if you’re unsure about the level of service that you require.

Our blog, ‘how regularly should you have your office cleaned?’ provides advice on how often you should be cleaning your space.

It breaks down common hygiene requirements into daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks. Check it out on our site.

Location size

Our pricing is based on an hourly rate too and all our estimators are trained to time cleaning tasks accurately.

This ensures that every client only pays for what they receive. No hidden costs or extras should appear on your invoice!

To enable us to conduct this transparent process, it is important that we fully understand the size of your office space to accurately calculate labour and material costs, whatever the job.

Office rooms and facilities

It’s just a fact of life that some rooms – kitchens, bathrooms and communal areas – accumulate more dirt, grime and waste than others.

During our assessment, we consider the type and amount of rooms or facilities at your organisation and how often they are used to calculate a realistic service contract that is right for your business space.

Proactive management

Our customised service and trained cleaning estimators work alongside a dedicated Account Manager to ensure oversight and accuracy. Our free, no obligation quote is just the start of our pricing strategy.

If, over time, your organisation changes, we will adjust payments accordingly using skilled management and technology.


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