Carpet Cleaning Tips – A Guide to Office Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Keeping your carpet in good condition is easier than you may think – as long as you take on a preventative strategy and remain consistent in your approach it is possible to extend the lifetime of your carpet. The following carpet cleaning tips will give you a quick overview on what you should be doing.

Regular Vacuuming

No matter the type of carpet you have, the foundation of cleaning is regular maintenance and thorough vacuuming.

The amount required is dependent on the size of your office. We vacuum our client’s carpets once a day so that the office is kept clean, fresh and the dirt is not trodden into the carpet making it difficult to remove.
Neglecting regular vacuuming can damage your carpet irreparably, so it is important that you keep your carpet clean.

Quality is also important. Ensure you go through areas several times, changing direction each time to ensure full coverage. You should also use a superior device – cheap vacuum cleaners will simply not do the trick. You need a vacuum that has adjustable height, plenty of power, and several attachments. It’s worth investing in a more expensive model to ensure effective cleaning.

What to Do About Spots and Spills

The first thing you should know is that spots and spills should not be treated equal. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution – it all depends on the substance. For example, a water-based accident will need different methodology compared to oil.
The key thing is that you need to act very quickly. These days, most carpets have what’s called a ‘stain-resist’ treatment. If you act straight away, spillages can be removed without issue. However, if you wait, the stain is likely to become permanent.

The first step is to dry the area. Blot any liquid spillages with absorbent paper towels or cloth. Despite what your instincts tell you, DO NOT scrub. This will only lead to further damage.

The manufacturer’s guide should include several guidelines on the type of solution you should use based on the type of spillage. Pre-test the cleaner by applying it to a small area first to ensure that you have the right cleaning agent. If there is no damage or colour change, proceed to the rest of the carpet.

Have a little bit of patience during the process. Allow the cleaning agent to seep into the carpet, working it in slowly and gently. Remember not to scrub! You will need to repeat the process several times in most cases.
Once you are satisfied that the stain has been removed, rinse the carpet with a bit of cold water. Finally, using paper towels, absorb the remaining liquid.

Get Professional Help!

Professional help either for daily office cleaning or a deep carpet clean can save you time, money and stress in the long run.

The professionals also use cleaning products, the know-how and the equipment that you simply won’t have access to or require specialist training to use.
There are many different types of carpet and flooring being used throughout the premises we clean. Each carpet must be assessed before cleaning and the suitable cleaning system provided to ensure a successful clean.

We will ensure that we use the correct system for your premises and we will only use the products recommended by the manufacturer of the carpet to ensure any warranties are complied with. We have our own team of carpet cleaning operatives and for highly specialist work, we use our  partners who have been approved by the leading office carpet/tile manufacturers including Interface, Esco and Miliken.

Written by Katie Ashwood.