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Go Green! Ideas to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle in Your Office

A typical office set up offers lots of opportunities to go green with reducing waste, reusing and recycling. If no efforts are made to conserve resources at the workplace, our economic efforts will not be sustainable for long. This blog post is full of tips on how you can reduce, reuse and recycle in your office. Preventing waste increases efficiency and increasing efficiency increases profit! When it comes to reducing waste, small steps do make a big difference.

7 Ideas to Reduce Office Waste

ü  Set your printer and photocopiers to print on both sides by default, this will cut your consumption in half. To conserve ink, where possible print in draft/eco mode. This will lighten the shade but copy can still be read clearly. Reduce colour printing to a minimum, as this generally uses more ink.
1)  Change all computer settings to energy saving mode, and make sure any equipment is turned off when not in use.
2)  Don’t throw away old documents / paper, shred them and reuse them as packing material in outgoing shipments.
3)  Make it a company policy to distribute memos via email, instead of paper.
4)  Don’t print employee manuals, handbooks, policies etc. allow employees to access them as a PDF format.
5)  Reduce paper towel waste by providing air/hand driers in washrooms.
6)  Start a car-sharing scheme.  Many people may be interested in car sharing but don’t have the courage to ask around. Starting a scheme will help your staff get connected.
7)  Encourage staff to walk or bike to work, reducing emissions. Ensure you provide secure bike parking and private changing areas.

3 Ideas on how to Reuse Office Waste

1)  Save any boxes from deliveries you receive and reuse them when sending shipments out or for storage purposes.
2)  Reuse envelopes for sending internal mail.
3)  Look for and purchase green products such as pens that can be refilled rather than sent to landfill.

3 Recycling Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Office

1)  Offer paper recycling. 70% of office waste is made up of paper.
2)  Mobile phones, laptops, computers, printers and other e waste can be recycled. Look out for recycling programmes in your local area.
3)  Buy and use recycled paper.
There are 100’s of things you can do to make your office more environmentally friendly. Initially suggesting a large list of recycling to do’s may seem overwhelming, start with a few things and build them up. Clear communication is important to ensure that people use the correct recycling bins.
TIP: Remove individual under desk bins, and install single waste and recycling points. This removes the temptation to easily bin items without recycling them.
This advice post is from the people at Cleantec Innovation – a company fast becoming renowned in the commercial and retail cleaning market. Cleantec Innovation prides itself on producing high-performance cleaning products; that are used by councils, businesses and homes worldwide. Cleantec Innovation provides solutions that are innovative and ecological.
EXTRA TIP: Don’t forget to discuss cleaning supplies with your maintenance team. Cleaning products manufactured to be more environmentally responsible like Cleantec Innovation, have a reduced impact on the environment.