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Day Time and Night Time Cleaning Services

January 22, 2016

Contract Cleaning Services Clocking-in

Day time cleaning vs night cleaning

Whether your business is 9-5 or 5-9, at Swift Office Cleaning Services Ltd, we understand that you need a contract cleaning services company that fits around your company’s busy schedule and organisational demands.
61% of our clients contract us to carry out an evening cleaning service, with 39% choosing early morning. Day or night, the tailored services we offer will guarantee the same high quality results and so scheduling purely comes down to an organisation’s preference and business needs.

London: Evening cleaning services

In London offices, we tend to see a greater sway towards an evening clean services, very often this is because many of the businesses regularly have evening meetings or events serving food and drinks and so it would be unsanitary to leave leftover food out overnight.
Businesses that have a high proportion of staff working late prefer not to have their workforce disturbed and therefore choose an early morning contract cleaning service instead.
Sometimes it is purely a case of that’s when the cleaning has always been done and so, the cleaning services continue without change.

Specialist cleaning services at specific times of day

However, there are occasions when the type of cleaning service will dictate when it needs to be carried out, for example, with specialist carpet cleaning – this needs to be done over a weekend to allow time for the carpet to dry. And window cleaning is most often carried out in the daytime.
In addition to a company’s contract clean, 6% of our clients employ a daytime janitorial service. Businesses with daytime janitors are often very large organisations with high facilities usage; therefore, extra assistance maintaining kitchen areas, the washrooms and communal spaces throughout the day is needed.

The benefits of any-time cleaning services

We recognise that there are benefits to the cleaning service at any time of day or night. Employing an office cleaning contractor during the day, you could argue that you are helping to reduce the energy consumption in the building as there will be no need for extra lights and power to be used overnight. However, having empty rooms to work in can make a cleaning operative’s job much more efficient as they can move freely without worrying about disturbing staff. There has been an increase in requesting daytime cleaning but here we are still seeing the majority of offices request an evening clean.

Are you unsure as to what would be best for your business?

Talk to us to discuss your needs fully and we can guide you on what services we can provide and when they can be scheduled. Our trained estimators are skilled at providing detailed and accurate quotes outlining every element of the service you will receive – read our client testimonials here >>