The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning services

How your business can benefit from commercial cleaning services

We understand that no large city organisation would ever consider not employing professional commercial cleaners.

However, it’s important to hire the right company. Failing to select the right professionals for the needs and requirements of the building will end in substandard results. Additionally, there will be a big headache for the office managers…

Why take the risk?

Employing a reputable commercial cleaning company in London is essential. Yes, we’re going to blow our own trumpet here.. With over 35 years of experience in office cleaning, Swift Office Cleaning Services work with some of the biggest and the best firms. We have earned our solid reputation on quality of service, value for money, and our customer care.

Why not join our happy clients and take the stress out of managing your cleaning contractors?


Around the clock commercial cleaning

Your business will receive a top quality service to fit around your hectic schedules. You need the building to look at its best from the moment staff and clients set foot in the door.

Speak to us about our hours of cleaning and how we can clean – and not be seen!


Image is everything

First impressions are key in business, whether it’s those of potential clients stepping through your door, or attracting the right kind of personnel for your company. Your organisation must project the high standards and values of its business at all times. That of course includes the physical space and environment in which it conducts its business.

Maintaining and enhancing your professional image with a clean, spotless building is essential.

Not only will this reflect on how your business is run but it also creates a motivating environment for staff.

From our recent London Office Workers’ Survey, 90% of all respondents cited they felt more productive in a clean environment.

Need we say more…

Bespoke commercial cleaning services

Just as each business we work with is unique and individual ,so are the buildings that each company inhabits. Your cleaning service needs to reflect this and cover all your specific requirements. From specialist hard floors, to carpets, windows and office equipment. So you have ensured an office with superior fittings and fixtures? Then you need the expert commercial cleaners who can maintain this high quality.

There is no one size fits all approach with Swift Office Cleaning Services and our expert estimators can offer a free cleaning audit and accurately price each cleaning task so you only pay for the service you get not what we think it should be.


One point of contact

Swift Office Cleaning Services can organise all your cleaning needs leaving you with one point of contact – your dedicated Account Manager – to handle all queries and arrangements for you. It goes without saying that all our cleaning operatives are fully trained and insured and we have ongoing training programmes for all members of the team. We understand large scale office spaces and our knowledgeable management team ensure that our commercial cleaners are able to do the best job on every visit.


For more information on our commercial cleaning services in London, please contact us on 0203 174 1723.

We’d be delighted to hear from you to explore with you how we might be able to help you and your business.