5 benefits to using environmentally friendly cleaning services for your office

Is your company looking for ways to become more eco-friendly? Are you leading a sustainable drive in your office? Businesses just like yours are taking action and switching to environmentally friendly office cleaning services. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider making the change to eco-friendly office cleaning services too. (And if you’re in London, Essex or Hertfordshire – then get in touch with us for a free quote.)

5 benefits to using environmentally friendly cleaning services for your office

Organisations have a social and environmental responsibility to make decisions that are good for people, the planet as well as for profit. 

From the products you use, to your purchasing policies and the way you manage your waste, there are ample opportunities to make your office go green. Environmentally friendly office cleaning (with a reputable and responsible office cleaning company!) is an easy change to make – with little to no impact on cost depending on the products you choose. 

Choosing a more environmentally friendly office cleaning service has multiple benefits – creating happy customers, happy staff and a healthier planet.

Good for the planet

The obvious reason to employ more environmentally friendly office cleaning services is that it benefits our natural world. Using greener office cleaning products helps reduce our water systems being polluted as well as the air. Eco-friendly office cleaning products create less ozone depletion, have fewer smog-producing chemicals and are more likely to be biodegradable. Have you stopped to think where the chemical waste of regular cleaning products go? It ends up in the sea, soil and waterways – contaminating and affecting water quality that can eventually affect wildlife.

You’ll also find that many green products use recyclable packaging, minimising waste. For all our clients, Swift Office Cleaning Services uses plastic bottles with trigger sprays as these are more widely recycled and less harmful than aerosol cans.

Good for business

More people are actively seeking out companies who promote eco-friendly work practices and those that do have seen an increase in profits

Green business is the future. To reach global targets, it’s now expected of companies to move to a more greener way of doing things, including with the day to day running of the business – which includes your office cleaning practices. 

If you’re already promoting yourself as a ‘green’ company but haven’t looked into all the potential opportunities to be more environmentally friendly, you could be accused of ‘greenwashing’. Inaction is viewed as a choice and you’re unlikely to get away with it for much longer. 

Be a business for the future by committing to our collective future, and choose environmentally friendly office cleaning services.

Good for air quality and employees’ health

Stronger cleaning products have harsher chemicals that impact the air around us. A 2007 study found that frequent use of common cleaning products may be an important risk factor for adult asthma.When choosing an office cleaning company, you need to accomodate for sensitive employees who could be at risk if opt for standard office cleaning products. 

Environmentally friendly office cleaning services will provide you with more natural products that mitigate the risk of causing respiratory problems for your staff which aerosols can leave them vulnerable to.

Good for your employees’ job satisfaction

Staff who work for more environmentally friendly companies are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs. This was shown in a study from the Charlton College of Business at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth by revealing employees’ perceptions of their companies’ environmental performance had higher job satisfaction than the business’ financial performance.

Green initiatives at work could include such as recycling drives, monetary incentives to cycle to work and overhauling the business’ day-to-day operations to become more sustainable –  including environmentally friendly office cleaning services. Don’t forget to shout about it. Knowing that your employer genuinely cares about the planet and the people is comforting.

Good for the nose

Environmentally friendly office cleaning services include using products that have more pleasant and non-pervasive aromas. Natural ingredients will leave your office space smelling fresh – and avoid harsh aromas that you often get when walking into a newly cleaned space.

Choose environmentally friendly office cleaning in London, Essex and Hertfordshire with Swift Office Cleaning Services

Join hundreds of brands and organisations across London, Essex and Hertfordshire who work with us to deliver reliable daily office cleaning – and choose our environmentally friendly office cleaning services. 

Swift Office Cleaning Services offers two green cleaning products ranges for our daily office cleans: Standard, which is included in our existing pricing, and Premium, which you pay a little extra for. The products we use are from EvansVandoine, who carry a WEIR Green Tick for their environmental impact rating.

Swift Office Cleaning Services has achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification in environmental standards – which is a framework for organisations to put in place the best practices to help meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

We also make every effort to place our cleaners with contracts that are close to where they live and encourage all our employees to take public transport when possible. 

Find out more about our environmentally friendly office cleaning in London, Essex and Hertfordshire

We’ve recently announced our pledge to plant up to 100 trees for every new client through The Woodlands Trust™.

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