A Guide to Good Desk Hygiene in your Office

Your familiar office desk isn’t all that it seems.

In fact, the average, unassuming workplace desk is said to contain 400 times more germs than a toilet seat – according to research by the University of Arizona.

As we are the biggest sources of bacteria at our desks, day-to-day grime can quickly build up on our surfaces, stationary and machines – particularly in a busy co-working space.

But don’t fear: good desk hygiene is easy to maintain when you know how.

Read our guide to good desk hygiene to keep on top of your own personal space.

How often should you clean your desk?

The short answer is twice a week.

As one of the most used spaces during the day, your desk is a hotspot for bacteria and dirt.

You begin touching your stationary, keyboard, phone and desk as soon as you sit down in the morning. This is why it should receive weekly attention from a professional cleaning crew – ideally twice a week.

Now, let’s discuss which desk items you should pay special attention to.


What to clean on your desk and when…


Snacks, lunches, drinks and grease all contribute to making your keyboard a problem area for bacteria.

As a general rule, keyboards should be cleaned once a week – or more if you regularly eat at your desk – while computer screens, office mouses can be left for two to three weeks before a clean.

Stationary sets

Desk items can fall foul of dust in a busy work environment if they’re not given attention from time to time.

Cleaning stationary isn’t as pressing as keyboard or phone hygiene, but we recommend tackling dust build up as and when you spot it.


An unsavoury truth is that most office mugs are coated in germs.

Shared kitchen spaces, with regularly used sponges and scrubbing brushes, aren’t always maintained to a good standard of hygiene.

A professional cleaning company should ensure that communal spaces, like kitchens and bathrooms, receive a thorough cleanse so germs are not transferred to your eating utensils and desks.


As we’ve mentioned, humans are the main source of bacteria, making our phones and computers the main targets for bacteria build-up.

Like a keyboard, your phone is constantly used, making it another item that needs attention at least once a week.

Desk surface

Any flat, open space is susceptible to dust and bacteria build-up. Keep on top of desk hygiene with a simple anti-bacterial wipe twice a week.


Why good desk hygiene is important

The benefits of desk hygiene, and office hygiene in general, extends beyond the obvious drawbacks of sitting in an unclean, dusty environment.

A hygienic work environment has been proven to boost staff productivity and wellbeing.

Tackling dust and bacteria reduces the likelihood of illness spreading across the office, so your staff stay happier and healthier for longer.

Just as clutter can cause distractions and induce stress, visible grime can adversely affect staff morale.

It can also leave a bad impression of your company when you receive visits from clients.

That’s why investing in a commercial cleaning contract is a must for businesses in all sectors.

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Good Desk hygiene made simple with Swift Office Cleaning Services

Good desk hygiene is an important part of maintaining a fresh work environment for your staff.

Let a professional commercial cleaning team take care of all your regular hygiene tasks and office cleaning procedures so you don’t have to.

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