5 Tips On keeping Your Desk Tidy

5 Tips On Keeping A Tidy Desk All Office Managers Should Know

Ensuring employees keep desks neat and tidy can be a difficult task.

It is important to make employees aware of their responsibility for the cleanliness of their desk and surrounding area.

While employees need to take day-to-day ownership of their workspace, our office cleaning services will take care of the high cleaning standards that a place of business requires.

Here are a few handy tips that can help inspire both you and your team to keep the office tidy.


1. Regularly Clear Out Desk Space

Desk space naturally becomes jammed with the debris of daily office life. Regularly clean out your desk space and throw out any clutter.

Old scraps of paper or junk should be recycled for a tidier more manageable space.

Understanding the psychology of clutter can help.

Writing for Lifehacker in 2010 Jason Fitzpatrick commented

“For some people it’s a matter of scarcity. They view possessions as a type of security, and an insulator against change.”

“Other people hate making decisions. They would prefer to put off decision making for as long as possible”.

A good tip is not just to make sure that desk space is clear, but also to clean out drawers and cabinets regularly.

Fully emptying desks makes it much simpler to give them a clean. It also stops clutter being simply swept out of sight… This fails to address the route of the problem!


2. Resist Desk Clutter

There are proven benefits to creating a pleasant space to work in. However, it is a good idea to ask your staff whether all the items on their desks are entirely necessary.

Survey results from Kelton Research found that 28% of those surveyed “are unhappy with their current set-up. They would like to improve” their organisation.

There is a clear recognition that clutter is damaging, so it’s simply a matter of making sure you have the time to keep your desk tidy.

Trinkets, stress balls, random receipts, and so on can all start to pile up and create a cluttered working environment.

Encourage your employees to have a clear-out and only keep items on their desks that serve a purpose or help them to focus on the task at hand.

Having a clear desk policy in place for at the end of each day can be an effective way to encourage tidier habits.

3. Reduce Your Paper Use

If you can avoid printing and stick to digital versions of your documents where possible, this will reduce clutter on desks and prevent any potentially sensitive information from being left lying around too.

Excess paper can be a sign of disorganisation. In his book ‘Business @ the Speed of Thought’ Bill Gates said:

“Paper consumption was only a symptom of a bigger problem… administrative processes that were too complicated and time-intensive”.

So not only will you achieve a tidier desk when committed to reducing paper waste and printing of documents, you’ll probably become more efficient too.

4. Maintain a Clean Desk

Remember Desks are for Working, Tables are for Eating

We all have days where we have so much to do that our lunch break consists of grabbing a sandwich to eat at our desks.

While days like these are unavoidable, encouraging employees to take a full lunch break, eat away from their screens and get some fresh air and exercise will promote a happier and healthier workforce, and keep desks tidier and more hygienic too.

In an article from February 2016, Kate Bratskeir Food and Health Editor at The Huffington Post commented:

“Physical movement and new visual stimulation gives your brain a break and the chance to reboot, meaning by the time you get back to your desk, you’ll be a better employee with a fresher perspective”.

It’s better for your mind and body, so try to ensure staff can have a proper lunch break, and encourage them to use it wisely.

5. Desk Organisation

The importance of your desk should not be underestimated. Writing for CNN Money in February 2015 reporter Kathryn Vasel put it nicely saying “your desk is your command center”.

  • Have One File for Papers – Some printed documents are probably unavoidable so having a good filing system in place will keep these organised and easily accessible when staff require them.
  • Avoid ‘Organisational Clutter’ – Some things can seem helpful, but create more clutter. Post-It notes, for example, can cause more problems than they solve concerning tidiness and are easily muddled and lost.
  • Have a System – To Do, Doing, Done – the three steps to getting tasks finished. If you have a tray or drawer for each (or even a folder on your computer) then you will have a better chance of keeping on top of your workload and reducing clutter.

These tips not only help you keep your desk tidy and clutter free but they also encourage employees to stay organised and work more efficiently too.

Keeping Your Desk Tidy – Practical Tips

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