Reception Area & Front of House Cleaning


Reception Area & Front Of House Cleaning

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A positive first impression is essential in all walks of life, but particularly so in business.

Your business will be judged immediately when a client, supplier or customer walks through the door, so it’s essential the first impression is a good one.

You also have a duty of care to customers and visitors to help keep them safe.

Swift Office Cleaning Services can help.

Reception and front of house cleaning is one of a number of contract cleaning services we offer when you decide to partner with Swift.

Swift Office Cleaning Services also offers:

Cleaning reception and front of house

Your reception area and front of house are what a client will see first. It will help form that initial first impression that could go on to influence their entire opinion about your business.

Making sure that first impression is a good one is where we come in.

Our professional team can ensure your reception and front of house areas always look, smell and feel their best every day!

Reception and front of house cleaning will typically include:

  • Dusting and wiping down of all surfaces
  • Clearing away refreshment trays, dirty cups and cutlery
  • Vacuuming of all carpets and mats
  • Cleaning of all hard surface floors
  • Cleaning visitors’ washrooms
  • Emptying bins and clearing all public areas
  • Hygienic cleaning of all surfaces and high touch points within the reception area
  • Any extra cleaning your reception or front of house area requires

Reception and front of house best cleaning practices

Cleaning reception and front of house has always been important, but viral, bacterial and other illnesses pose significant risk in terms of absence and productivity.

Swift Office Cleaning Services can help minimise those risks.

We recommend the following as a practical minimum for keeping your reception areas safe and hygienically clean:

Cleaning of all surfaces – We will wipe down and clean all desks, reception areas, tables, sofas, chairs, lights and any displays

Vacuuming or cleaning of all floors – Carpeted areas can be professionally vacuumed and all hard surfaces can be swept and hygienically cleaned

Cleaning of visitor washrooms – If you provide washrooms for visitors or customers, those will be cleaned thoroughly to our usual impeccable standards

Coffee machines and refreshment areas cleaning – If you provide refreshments for customers or visitors, we will ensure everything is sparkling clean and ready for use

Emptying of bins – All rubbish and refreshment waste will be cleared away and replaced and recycled wherever possible

Cleaning of displays and lighting – If you have product displays or other installations within your reception, that can be cleaned as part of the service. The same for any floor or wall lighting within the space

Hygienic cleaning – Every surface in your reception of front of house, from desks, chairs, door handles, buzzers, windows, cups, coffee machines and anything else will be hygienically cleaned with an approved antibacterial solution

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    Front of House Cleaning Services

    As well as presentation, regular front of house cleaning is vital to reduce the risk of spreading germs and illness – as well as maintaining good safety.  At Swift Office Cleaning Services, our front of house cleaning services are carried out as part of the daily office clean by well-trained cleaning operatives and overseen by your Account Manager.

    What is Front of House Cleaning?

    Swift Office Cleaning Services offer front of house cleaning to clean all areas in the reception areas. This can include cleaning objects such as tables, chairs, door handles, windows and more. Front of house cleaning ensures that your reception area is always presentable.

    For more information on our cleaning services, please see our janitorial cleaning services.  

    Reception Cleaning Services with Swift

    For many businesses, the reception is the first place that visitors will see. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your reception area is spotlessly clean to greet your visitors and staff.

    Swift Office Cleaning Services regularly stay in contact with our clients to ensure all reception and front of house cleaning is being carried out to the highest standards. This also includes a monthly satisfaction survey to make sure we are always improving on any recommendations made.

    Why choose Swift for Front of House Cleaning Services?

    Swift Office Cleaning Services have a team of reliable cleaning operatives who are professional trained. With everything from dusting, wiping and polishing you can be sure that with regular front of house cleaning your reception area is always up to a good standard.

    Our Regular Front of House Cleaning Services Include:

    • Hard floor maintenance
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Glass and window cleaning for multi-store offices
    • Reception desk cleaning
    • Specialist cleaning services including computer equipment cleaning

    ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 & 45001:2015 Certified

    Reception area cleaning from Swift Office Cleaning Services

    Reception area cleaning from Swift Office Cleaning Services is one of a number of services we provide our clients.

    We can perform reception and front of house cleaning as part of your cleaning contract or as an addition to your existing contract.

    We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and 45001:2015 certified so all our products and practices are fully compliant. Staff are fully trained and experienced and are selected for the quality of their work.

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed!