What is janitorial cleaning?

What is janitorial cleaning and what does it involve? Many people haven’t heard of janitorial cleaning, so you’re forgiven for not knowing what janitorial cleaning is.

Janitorial cleaning services are provided by a day-time janitor – a person who is at your office  during the working day to maintain cleanliness of kitchens, meeting rooms, reception areas and washrooms as well as support with any back-office tasks such as setting out lunches or preparing meeting rooms. Keeping the office clean and tidy at all times enables your staff to do their best work, and demonstrates a professional image to visitors and potential customers.

Why choose janitorial cleaning services for your office?

Contracting a day-time janitor is a useful way to support the morning or evening cleaners in busy offices. A janitor’s role is wide and varied depending on the requirements of the office – as are their working hours. We provide some of our clients with janitors for two hours a day, usually at the beginning of the day or over lunch – and others for as many as eight hours.

Swift Janitorial Cleaning Services

Janitorial cleaning and support may include tasks such as:

  • Setting up meeting rooms and cleaning after use
  • Removing waste
  • Maintaining and sanitising the washrooms
  •  Maintaining and cleaning kitchens and front of house / reception areas
  • Replenishing consumable items such as such as soap, toilet paper, tea and coffee
  •  Front of house support
  •  Dealing with cleaning emergencies
  •  All-round cleaning support throughout the day

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From answering the question – What is janitorial cleaning services? The job role of a janitor for an office should be clearer. As well as keeping your business environment clean, tidy, and germ free, while keeping your employees and guests happy.  Get in touch with us today and grab yourself a free quotation for our expert janitorial cleaning services.