What is included in office equipment cleaning?

Swift Office Cleaning Services provides thorough, effective office equipment cleaning services both for general and specialist office equipment. Our office equipment cleaning services are essential for keeping your office tidy, clean and germ free. Daily use of computers, keyboards, and phones can accumulate and harbour germs which can be spread through an office quickly. Our office equipment cleaning process itself leaves an invisible film which provides anti-static protection to help prevent the build-up of dirt between scheduled cleaning visits.

Our office equipment cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning general office equipment such as computer screens and telephones
  • In-depth knowledge of the machine special products to ensure machine won’t get damaged during the cleaning process
  • Specialised cleaning services including computer equipment cleaning
  • Wipe down of of workspace areas and telephones
  • Anti-static treatment applied to equipment exteriors and screens

Specialist PC Equipment cleaning

PC hardware, servers and other computer equipment requires specialist cleaning. Swift Office Cleaning Services employs specialist technicians who have the technical background and are trained by qualified computer engineers to produce excellent cleaning results with no risk to equipment. The cleaning chemicals we use for office equipment are manufactured specifically for the purpose, and contain no water, nitrates or ammonia, all of which are harmful to computer operation.

We use special high-tech equipment to measure static electricity and microbial contamination levels on your computer equipment. Having clean office equipment in your office is important as PC fans can draw in dust, hair and dirt which can lead to over heating and computer failure. Maintaining the cleanliness of your computer equipment prevents any future costly equipment repairs, and even office fires.

Are you in need of office equipment cleaning services?

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